Getting to know you ensures we design learning solutions that deliver the results you need.

Learning Needs Analysis (LNA), also known as Training Needs Analysis (TNA), is an essential tool. It ensures your organisation’s learning activity and budget focus is in the right strategic areas, which in turn, maintains and improves your company’s performance and enables you to achieve your business goals.

The LNA process will ascertain the gap between what employees are currently able to achieve, and what is required of them to perform their role successfully to support business growth.

If your employees are not continuously developed the skills and behaviours that were required - and were effective for business goals 2 or 5 years previous - will already be outdated compared with: 


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Emerging Commercial Market Competitors

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Technology Advancement

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Progressive Industry Operational Practices 


Business learning consultancy

Your people need to be maintained to a necessary level of operation, not dissimilar to how you would with your machinery and equipment.

Employees require continuous professional development to ensure a constant effective performance for your business.

LNA is critical. Once we understand your business objectives we work on strategy, helping you define and implement the right formula for success.

At this stage we raise all of the important questions about your situation and answer them together as one team.

We look to determine what the pain points are within your organisation.
Is it culture-based? Technology driven? Is learning content not being retained, and why?

Learning needs to focus on your people’s skills and behaviours and the outcomes of a LNA clarify if:

a) Training is the correct solution to skills gaps

b) Act as a base in which suitable learning solutions are designed and implemented

Our expert learning consutants collaborate to provide the following types of learning needs analyses:

Green tick bulletInstructional/content analysis

Green tick bulletTechnology analysis

Green tick bulletImplementation analysis

Green tick bulletPerformance improvement analysis

Green tick bulletTask analysis- - identify learner skills and knowledge

Green tick bulletJob analysis - identify duty areas

Green tick bulletBusiness assessment

Green tick bulletTraining needs assessment

Green tick bulletGap analysis - performance gap = desired performance - actual performance


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Business Performance

We offer business and training needs assessments services that focus on minimising cost and maximising value, while identifying growth opportunities. Our assessments are often developed as skills checklists, self-assessments, or interviews in which employees and employers can track an individual's performance over time.

We will provide a fair and impartial vantage point needed for making sound, strategic decisions about the direction of your business.

We also present your organisation with the means to:

  • Define your organisational and performance management standards
  • Define your learning culture
  • Provide a performance assessment tool
  • Benchmark employee performance globally 
  • Acknowledge all levels of performance
  • Define competency globally
  • Target performance deficits
  • Highlight skills that require additional training or practice
  • Deliver ongoing employee performance coaching and mentoring
  • Be compliant - see our governance, risk and compliance inititaives

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Performance Assessment

Our assessments have helped organisations reset their strategic direction and drive world class levels of performance, while improving customer loyalty.

Here are some of the questions our performance assessments can answer:

  • Are your employees performing up to the established standard?
  • If performance is below expectations, what learning solutions can help to improve this?
  • Is there a performance gap?