We understand that your salesperson’s abilities are to engage customers, and whilst some of the necessary skills are innate, most need to be learned.

GP Strategies offers sales skills training - both foundational and advanced - based on our proven sales methodology which is customised for your business.

Our sales skills training complements your product training by providing your team with the knowledge and confidence that will help them:


Green tick bullet Increase sales

Green tick bullet Boost profits per sale

Green tick bullet Encourage customer loyalty

Green tick bullet Drive future purchases

Green tick bullet Improve skills in all areas of sales expertise


Why Choose Us?

Our sales training experts will work with you to develop a customised sales methodology and accompanying training program, targeted specifically to your product line and sales environment.

STEP 1: We will work with you to discover what makes your organisation’s products, customers, and sales process unique.

STEP 2: We will identify the specific knowledge and skills necessary for your sales representatives to move customers through to a sale, including the following:


Green tick bulletCustomer-Driven Selling Skills: Learn to recognise customer-buying motives while the sales discussion is in progress

Green tick bulletCustomer Experience Skills: Increase sales and cross-selling success by learning how to effectively engage customers and truly enjoy the sales experience, whether the interaction occurs face-to-face or over the phone

Green tick bulletAdvanced Sales Skills: Choose from options that include programs developed for the “best of the best,” as well as those aimed at raising average salespeople beyond their current levels of competence

Green tick bulletSales Skills Coaching: Raise the skill levels of individuals with highly focused coaching. Our Coaching Toolbox process includes working with both salespersons and their managers to ensure that progress continues even after our task is completed

Green tick bulletTelesales: We customise a program to focus specifically on the goals, skills, and customer relationships you want to develop among your telesales representatives

Contact us to speak to our sales advisers or view our After-Sales Training, for more information.