The aviation industry in EMEA has seen considerable growth over the last few years and will continue to grow. The innovation and application of new technologies by the Aerospace sector in general has been a key part of this growth.


Both industrial sectors are significant employers of skilled and motivated staff – with the quality of that staff being a key factor for continued success.

Some of the main impacts upon this human resource can be found in the changing technical environment, the demographic of European economies, the need to support new and legacy systems – in service together and needs of compliance.

With growth comes increased competition and with change comes redefinition of vital assets – these include organisational capability, individual competence, big data and more open communications channels. At the heart of the successful application of these assets across the aerospace and aviation businesses are the people and their behaviours. Infrastructure and hard systems support performance, people set the limits of that performance in many cases.


Aerospace employees, often at the leading edge, are working towards shorter timelines where information is available instantly.


Increasingly the use of data assets to impact everything from in-flight performance monitoring to predictive resource management and customer behavior forecasting are being required from workforces that barely appreciate the power that the data holds.

Aerospace businesses are innovating within the box in order to maintain and operate legacy systems and equipment profitably and safely – whilst complying with regulations that are aimed at the latest generations of technology and organisation rather than the environments the equipment was designed for.

Performance of the organisation and the individual have always been at the heart of any successful enterprise. Maintaining these, in a changing business ecology requires an approach to learning and learners (whether individual or organisation wide) that provided both depth and also quality. An approach that fits the needs of Aerospace and of Aviation.



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