Increasing bottom line results through our digital adoption and performance support solutions.

Just-in-time performance support can play a fundamental role in the adoption of any enterprise solution. In a digitally transforming world, learning processes need to adapt and keep pace with changes in software, and to meet the needs of the intelligent enterprise.

Performance support enables learning at the moment of need by embedding learning into the context of an individual’s work.

At GP Strategies, we deliver our performance support solutions within the flow of work, and provide context sensitive content, meaning your employees get the right information at the right time, facilitating them to accomplish their specific business task.

Benefits of performance support

Green tick bulletDecreases the need to ‘train’ everything

Green tick bulletUsers become efficient and component more quickly than those using traditional training approaches

Green tick bulletEmpowers users to manage their own learning

Green tick bulletReduces help desk calls

Green tick bulletAccelerates user adoption through improved retention  

Brand name expertise

We support a range of brand-name systems, including:


Green tick bulletSAP® Enable Now

Green tick bulletAncile uPerform®

Green tick bulletInfor EPAK®

Green tick bulletUAP

Green tick bulletOracle®

Green tick bulletWalkMe™

Green tick bulletWhatfix®

Green tick bulletPlus many other enterprise systems


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A digital learning and user enablement solution run on SAP® Enable Now. Watch to learn more.


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Watch our webinar 'Embedding Performance Support into Your User Adoption Strategy'.