Align learning to your strategic goals through effective learning analytics.

Learning analytics can measure the impact of learners, learning experiences, and learning programmes, making it an invaluable investment tool. By gathering information, learning analytics delivers valuable insights and makes crucial data-driven decisions for accurate diagnosis and improvement.

At GP Strategies, we use a combination of technologies and services to measure, diagnose, and optimise your learning experiences to show real value and results to stakeholders.

By asking key questions, learning analytics can determine how well learning programmes are performing, and make predictions on how they are expected to perform.


Green tick bullet What impact did the learning programme have and why?

Green tick bulletHow much did we save in time and money?

Green tick bulletHow can we improve the learning programmes?

Green tick bulletHow are we performing as a learning and development organisation?

Our range of learning analytics, measurements, and evaluation tools include:


Green tick bulletAssessments and needs analyses

Green tick bulletSurveys and interviewing services and systems

Green tick bulletAnalysis and dashboards for tracking, visualisation, and reporting

Green tick bulletMeasurement maps and business outcomes alignment

Green tick bulletImpact studies

Green tick bulletVoice of the customer surveys

By implementing an evaluation and measurement plan, you can align learning to your strategic goals, and ultimately, measure your success and investment.