In an age of constant change and digital transformation, innovation is an integral requirement for success.

Building a culture of innovation centres around doing new things, in new ways, for new impact. It’s the capability to discover, develop, and do something different, solving problems, and meeting present and future business needs. At GP Strategies, our organisational experts collaborate to discover, test, and pilot new innovations that digitally transform learning and development in a variety of industries.

Using evidence-based practices, we develop and refine innovations that have real business impact. Our 5-Step Innovation Process enables us to help organisations keep pace with the way people learn:

5 Step Innovation Process Graphic

Design thinking: 5 steps to design learner experiences

Design Thinking is about getting in the end user’s shoes - the people. It is not just an ideology, but a way of working, and can help us in the process of questioning problems, assumptions, and implications.

We recognise the need for organisations to understand the people and the problem, and to take action.

The 5 Step Design Thinking Process helps you to get into the mindset of the end user:

5 Step Design Thinking Graphic