Incorporating what already works well in corporate learning into dynamic apprenticeship programmes for the modern workplace learner.

Organisations are most effective in achieving their goals when their people are fully prepared to meet both today’s business challenges, as well as those that lie ahead.

The introduction of the apprenticeship levy masked an important step change in apprenticeships and corporate learning – the move away from apprenticeship frameworks to apprenticeship standards and end point assessment.

GP Strategies’ NextGenApprenticeships streamlines the transition from frameworks to standards by delivering programmes that can support your organisational objectives, whilst simultaneously incorporating your own branding, language, and culture. 

We offer solutions that profit from our expertise and experience in strategy, leadership & culture, and digital transformation. Our diverse range of programmes include:

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Our team of expert instructional learning designers and solution architects will work with your team to design the appropriate blend of learning technologies and delivery modalities.

The design approaches will engage cohorts of learners across your organisation who will build strong social networks, and demonstrate real business impact.

Through a combination of leadership development strategies and engagement insights, our NextGen apprenticeship design team will maximise the talent and creativity of your staff, and help drive your business forward.

Delivery modalities

Singular learning instances are outdated. Today’s workplace learner needs a journey from concept to practice that includes accessible, bite-sized, and contextualised experiences in varying formats.

NextGenApprenticeships deliver on that promise by integrating across all learning areas and domains, offering a learning journey that’s scalable, accessible, and malleable. This is particularly ideal for staff who have adopted connected devices in their daily lives, and expect a similar, high level of sophistication at work.

The strength in digital learning lies in using enabling technologies and combining innovative strategies to create an omnipresent learning experience.

NextGenApprenticeships transform the apprenticeship experience by making learning available at the time of need. This blended learning approach captures rich and insightful data that can drive critical business decisions, ultimately increasing learner satisfaction and job performance.

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Working across the complete apprenticeship spectrum, we tailor services to your needs.


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