With over 25 years’ experience in UK government-funded training and more than 50 years in managed learning services, we offer a unique blend of Levy-ready capability and experience to our customers.

We are an OFSTED Good standard provider with Outstanding features in Leadership and Management and Quality of Training. We perform 18% above the national average on Completion and 16% above the national average on Timeliness. Our Learner and Employer satisfaction scores exceed 90%.


What we stand for

We are passionate about what we do. Our team takes great pride in helping our customers to source, select, train and enable their effective workforce. Our primary employer objectives are:

Value: We maximise apprenticeship investment opportunities and deliver good returns on your apprenticeship investments.

Simplicity: We streamline processes and mitigate the need for multi-vendor complexity.

Quality: We maintain high standards delivering positive learner experiences and outcomes.


Our flexible service range

We tailor services to your needs. Working across the complete apprenticeship and traineeship spectrum, we will create a flexible solution, which can include:

Green tick bulletNegotiated rates for delivery

Green tick bulletBespoke programme design and delivery

Green tick bulletComprehensive account management and reporting

Green tick bulletContinual quality and value improvement

Green tick bulletConsultancy and recruitment support


Benefiting our customers


Long-term stability: We reduce the commercial and financial risks of switching vendors at short notice and migrating on-programme learners.

First time, on time distinction/merit level results: We deliver consistently good completion and timeliness results enabling enhanced learner and workforce planning and confidence.

Cost & quality certainty: We provide a competitively priced service, which operates with integrity and transparency and delivers above the industry standards.

Brand enhancement: We help our customers to achieve the recognition they deserve, supporting PR and award activities designed to build their client, employee and candidate engagement.

Our credentials

We focus on quality and sustainability. By delivering high standards, we maintain our industry leading position in apprenticeship and traineeship training. 


The advantages and benefits of having GP Strategies supporting your outsourced training and learning needs are:

Green tick bulletConsistently perform above the national average on completion (+18%), timeliness (+16%) with satisfaction scores at (92%)

Green tick bulletOne of the largest providers in our industry; last year we managed over 7,000 apprenticeships

Green tick bulletAchieved Good OFSTED rating at our last audit, with Outstanding features in Leadership and Management and Quality of Training

Green tick bulletFinancially stable with a sustainable model for government-funded training operation

Green tick bulletLocalised coverage with UK hubs in 17 locations