What does this End Point Assessment involve?

This End Point Assessment measures the skills, knowledge and behaviours of each apprentice against the Apprenticeship Standards for Team Leader/Supervisor and Operations/Departmental Manager. The approach to conducting End Point Assessments are set out as part of the ‘Assessment Plan’ for these standards and includes the following requirements:

Management Apprenticeships EPA Requirements

When does the process begin?

Towards the end of the apprenticeship programme, there is a formal ‘Gateway’ review meeting with the employer, training provider and End Point Assessment organisation. This is to establish if the apprentice has achieved the level of knowledge, skills and behaviours for the Apprenticeship Standard, and is ready for the final assessment process. Once the Gateway review has taken place and all requirements are met, the End Point Assessment process begins.

Where does it take place?

End Point Assessment can take place either:

Green tick bulletIn the workplace, at an employer’s premises, subject to suitability

Green tick bulletAt GP Strategies Assessment Services external assessment centre

Green tick bulletRemotely, where appropriate


How is the End Point Assessment graded?

The final assessment and grading will be undertaken by the Independent End Point Assessment. Marks are allocated across the areas being assessed with a possible mark of 100.

Management Apprenticeship EPA Grading

How much does it cost?

Management Apprenticeship EPA Prices

End Point Assessment Team Leader Pricing


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