Diverse Minds: Diversity and inclusiveness of both thought and people.

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Diversity comes naturally to us at GP Strategies. With more than 3000 employees in over 25 countries, being diverse is second nature. Yet, it’s more than just about location, our style focuses on performance and revolves around respect, fairness and working collectively to achieve our goals.

We support our people, no matter who they are, or where they are from because they have different perspectives and attitudes. That’s how ideas are born and enable us to work smarter.

It just makes sense that we cater for a range of different circumstances, offering flexible work practices designed to let you fit in work around your life, not the other way around.

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Why work for us?

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Attractive rewards

Your expertise, hard work and commitment are vital to our success - and we believe in giving you and everyone on our team the recognition they deserve.

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Our commitment to crafting intelligent solutions and delivering extraordinary service helps us attract the brightest minds.

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We encourage our people to bring their good ideas to life as quickly as they can, so we stay ahead of the game.


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Great training

As a learning and development organisation we know a thing or two about training - and that includes the power of investing in all our people. We do our best to help our people become superstars.

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Treating you fairly

Our commitment to equality and diversity is more than a legal obligation for us, we work hard to ensure that our commitment is rooted throughout the whole organisation.

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People trust us

We have grown on a foundation of integrity, trust and fun. We listen to each other and encourage everyone to have a voice, we have a flat structure - even our Vice President has an open door policy.




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GP Strategies follows the highest standards of corporate responsibility and sustainability throughout our organisation - from how we support and empower employees, to how we work with our clients and shareholders, to how we govern the corporation.

Being responsible is a big part of who we are, to us, that means looking after our people, the environment and, of course, our customers.

We aim to do business in a more sustainable way, taking responsibility for the impact of our organisation on society and the environment globally.


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Who We Recruit

If you can think on your feet, you like people, and you’re passionate about our services, all the better. In return, you’ll find a company that treats you with respect, listens to your views, looks after you and encourages you to be yourself.

At GP Strategies we believe that you are our most valued asset and we want to build a positive and productive relationship with you.

We’re a progressive company that believes diversity is a critical component of long-term success. We do not discriminate in recruiting, hiring, compensation, promotion or any other employment terms. Our equal opportunities policy and affirmative action programme ensure fulfillment of these goals.