Job Search Strategy

Job Search Strategy

Starting the search for your next job can seem like a mission. To give yourself the best chance of success you need to focus on a targeted strategy. But sometimes this isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

Our Job Search Strategy module is part of our ‘Online Career Transition Tool Kit’.

On completing this module you will have:

  • the structure and motivation that you need to finding your next ideal job
  • a wealth of advice about the jobs market and where to find those hidden jobs
  • advice to keep you organised and focused in your job search
  • insights into career change and coping with redundancy
  • our support to find your next job

Our Job Search Strategy module includes:


Have you been made redundant? If so it is important to understand that redundancy does not count against you. There's useful advice here to help get you back to work.

Exploring your options

Make sure you don't rule anything out too early. It is important to take your time and fully review all your options.

Getting organised

Now's the time to take the step from planning, to making things happen. To achieve this, you need to get yourself organised, prepared, structured and systematic in your approach.

Tracking your campaign

Potentially you could be applying for several different positions. So before you dive into your search make sure you think about how you’ll keep track of your progress.

The hidden jobs market

Not all jobs are advertised. There are two distinct job markets - open and hidden. Make sure you know the hidden market as there could be a further 70% of jobs you could consider.

Approaches to finding

There are several approaches you can take - a direct approach of writing a speculative letter to a company you really want to work for, networking and recruitment agencies. These are some of the avenues, some or all could work for you.

Buried jobs

Create your own job. Investigate companies that you could potentially bring added value to. Approach those organisations with your new ideas about how they could use your skills.

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