Leadership is critical for success in all organisations – and developing leaders at all levels is an increasing challenge.  Research shows that intensive, continuous learning is now a key characteristic of high performing leaders and leadership teams.  They need to learn at least as fast as the changes in their environment if they are to enable their organisations to survive and succeed.

GPSL’s approach to leadership development recognises the need to connect generic leadership theory to the specific demands of a leadership role; and that these demands are constantly changing.  So effective leadership development requires the continuous evolution of leaders’ capabilities and their understanding of both themselves and the world around them. It is a dynamic process made even more complex because what counts in most cases is the collective capability and performance of a leadership team, rather than just individual competences.  Leadership requires collective development rather than focusing on the “hero leader.”

Effective leadership development:

  • Works with both the leader, their team and the wider stakeholder community (it is systemic in perspective)
  • Is delivered within the context of both a personal development plan and a broader team or organisational development plan
  • Is frequent, challenging and supportive
  • Happens within the leader’s time frame (when they identify a learning need, in chunks that are small enough to be applied on issues of immediate concern)
  • Is personalised within a broader framework
  • Involves frequent, useful, specific feedback, which is valued by the leader
  • Takes a clear leadership perspective
  • Offers a variety of different learning methods – e.g. classroom, online, one-to-one – from which the leader can select

Identifying leaders’ developmental needs...

Some of the most common situations, that trigger developmental needs, include:

  • A major transition in role
  • Performance appraisals that identify areas for improvement
  • Feedback from 360-degree assessments, assessment centres etc which provide insight of their impact on others
  • Desired shifts in corporate or departmental culture
  • Life changing events
  • Career planning; inclusion in a talent development process
  • Recognition by the leader that specific managerial capabilities need to move from “good enough” to “best in class”

GPSL provides a highly flexible portfolio of leadership development resources, ranging from training courses aimed at building core skills of leadership & management, to leadership and talent development strategy and one-to-one development. We also offer customised learning processes that integrate a wide range of learning processes, including face to face sessions, coaching, action learning, webinars and on-line business simulations.

We recognise that many leaders are time constrained and we can offer individualised, focused tuition and coaching target on the leadership needs that will have maximum business impact.

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