Effective Performance Management will help raise individual performance, foster ongoing employee and managerial development, and increase your organisational performance and effectiveness.

Performance management solutions

At GP Strategies we make sure that your company’s resources are being properly used in pursuit of your organisation’s goals. We believe Performance Management is more than your employee appraisals each year; it’s about translating goals into results.

Focusing on the recurring activities to establish organisational goals, monitoring the progress and learning and pivoting as you go by adjusting to meet those goals more effectively and efficiently.

Connecting your organisation’s strategy, culture, employee engagement and leadership will see great reward - targeting not only individual employees, but also on teams, programmes, processes and your organisation as a whole.

Our team of HR subject matter experts and our global network of professionals assist companies with a range of consulting services including:

Man drawing bar chart to success

Complete performance management solution including review of performance appraisal programmes and practices

Man demonstrating a flip chart overlaying a train on tracks

Organisational performance plan development aligned with your businesses goals and objectives

Graphic with talent, solve, excel and learn cogs

Robust performance rating metrics and reward system design


Bar chart on paper and mobile device

Identification and analysis of critical job performance



Digital graphic with icons and people in text

Coaching and mentoring programmes

Silhouettes of a business meeting

Strategic consulting on organisational
effectiveness issues

Man with digital data at forefront

Digital solutions to streamline your performance management processes

Silhouettes of a business meeting

Workshops to train managers on performance management competencies