Learning administration may not be core to your business but it is to ours.

We support our clients with training logistics, instructor resource management and administration services globally - operating with our own processes, policies, plans and systems or utilising those provided by you, our clients.

Our learning administration services

We can easily scale and recruit trainers and coaches to meet a global initiative or deployment. Our established network of learning experts and recruitment processes enable us to find the best subject matter experts globally for any delivery or in any language.

We can also help you manage and evaluate your in-house training delivery teams along with any independent vendor relationships you may have. Read more about our proven instructor resource management processes and tools that ensure success.

We ensure our employees meet your requirements and fit culturally for both on site and off site support. We provide training, guideline documentation and tool-kits to ensure that administrative and logistical functions are performed in a compliant and consistent fashion.



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We support our clients with the following learning services:

Orange TickVendor selection and contractual management

Orange TickPost-course level evaluation 1/3

Orange TickMaterial procurement and shipping to the point of service delivery

Orange TickVenue, event and facilities management

Orange TickVILT training set up and administration

Orange TickLMS administration

Orange TickApprovals, purchase orders, payments and consolidated invoicing

Orange TickInvoicing

Orange TickCancellations and amendments

Orange TickManagement Information

Orange TickCatalogue management

Orange TickDedicated phone and email support

Orange TickCourse troubleshooting and reporting