Change is inevitable and organisations must adapt to a myriad of challenges in order to survive. But what are these changes and challenges, and what do they really mean?

The impact of environmental, social, economic, reputational, informational and regulatory factors, bring risk, uncertainty and volatility to an organisation. The ability to be nimble in order to survive, creates a battleground of possible outcomes.

To succeed, organisations need to build strong and resilient frameworks which can adapt and bend with internal and external pressures. It is not just about Risk Management programmes but also about scaling up an organisation’s capabilities to ensure behaviour changes across all organisational functions.

Unfortunately, the ability to cope with these threats and vulnerabilities can often be patchy or incoherent so organisations must be proactive and disciplined to avoid pitfalls and failures.

For example, all businesses face a broad range of Enterprise Risk issues and must comply to mandated regulatory measures which require independent monitoring. To do this, organisations need disciplined behavioural change processes which address their entire business model.

At the same time, organisations also face increasing information security and business continuity threats. With the growth in Big Data initiatives, such on-going challenges require a robust operating model that includes internal controls and compliance policies which are tested and remediated on an on-going basis and, most importantly, are demonstrably implemented. Failure to enact such measures could lead to penalties and ultimately impact an organisation’s reputation.

Our risk management approach

GP Strategies understands that moments of crisis can present an organisation with an opportunity to re-engage with its employees – and the market by building and implementing strong and resilient Compliance frameworks.

Our integrated global teams of industry specialists and compliance experts test, enhance, and monitor numerous Compliance programmes.

We can help you achieve and sustain success through strategic, functional and process transformation, which will enable your organisation to improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and enhance resilience for future challenges.


GP Strategies has worked with, and observed many organisations managing and mitigating risk through learning and development.
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Our services include:

Orange Tick BulletCompliance programme and policy and procedure reviews

Orange Tick BulletIdentifying vulnerable business areas

Orange Tick BulletRisk asssessment

Orange Tick BulletCustomer reviews

Orange Tick BulletBuilding an infrastructure to address and maintain compliance, including monitoring and auditing procedures

Orange Tick BulletTraining and quality assurance programmes

Orange Tick BulletCreating and modifying company codes of conduct

Orange Tick BulletTransaction reviews

Orange Tick BulletInvestigative and operational services


Learning solutions that match your organisation's needs. No matter where you're based, see how we support these regulated industries:

Blue car icon


Working with companies that design, develop, manufacture and sell vehicles

Blue money icon


Working with commercial and retail banks (including challenger banks) and non-lending institutions

Blue airplane icon


Working with organisations that design, build, test, sell and maintain aircraft, aircraft parts, missiles, rockets or spacecraft



Other areas of risk where we have been active in the provision of learning solutions and can draw upon Expert resources include:

Orange Tick BulletSustainability risk

Orange Tick BulletVerification risk

Orange Tick BulletCompliance risk

Orange Tick BulletTrading risk

Orange Tick BulletRegulatory risk

Orange Tick BulletFinancial risk

Orange Tick BulletMeasurement risk

Orange Tick BulletOperational risk

Orange Tick BulletProfessional risk

Orange Tick BulletInformation risk

Orange Tick BulletSecurity risk

Orange Tick BulletReputation risk (external and internal)

Orange Tick BulletBrand risk

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