by GP Strategies Limited

Celebrate Learning in 2017

We ended 2016 by celebrating all of the successes that we accomplished over the last year. Using the latest technology to help organisations unlock their potential through learning was specifically rewarding. It’s common knowledge that adaptation and evolution are essential elements in keeping pace with the times, but occasionally a helping hand is needed. This couldn’t be more true for businesses, and 2017 offers some exciting opportunities for progression.

We’ve launched the #EvolutionOfLearning campaign to assess how far we have progressed, and how the changing landscape of technology will shape us in the future. From the abacus to the Gutenberg Press, right through to wearable technology, humans always find ways to connect, share and learn. After all, what use is knowledge if it can’t be passed on?

Modern technologies offer opportunities to learn in new and stimulating ways. We are most excited about the continued proliferation of e-learning courses, which offer high quality lessons and materials to people on a global scale. Adaptive learning modifies to suit the preferences of the individual learner. Gamification uses positive reinforcements and natural competitiveness to encourage learning development.

Our tools for knowledge and skill development have never been more accessible and more effective than they are today.

How can learning change your life in 2017?

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