by Dave Barry - Learning Consultant.

Hands up if you’d still like to be one?

If so, read on… If you’ve just put your hand down - you still need to keep reading!

Hands up if you’re ever childish at work?

If you’ve just put your hand down - you need to keep reading too! If you kept your hand up to all 3 questions, I’m really sorry for interrupting you but now that I have, you may as well keep on reading as you’re probably wondering why some people put their hands down anyway.

Kids are great aren’t they?


The way they annoy us grown-ups with their endless questions about how heavy the moon is, where do babies come from or why they have to ‘sit down and shut up’ just when we’ve finished helping them learn to walk and talk… That’s the beauty of being a kid - nothing is off limits. As a kid, the world around you is there for you to explore, understand, question and play with. There are no conventions, no boundaries, no etiquette and there’s definitely no such thing as a daft question. Those are all the things we learn as we grow up. 



Grown-ups are wiser than kids; right? Right?

Sure, us grown-ups have more experience, we’ve seen and done more things, we’ve had to deal with more of life and everything it throws at us. But we also learn - well actually we’re educated - to leave behind those child-like talents of exploration, curiosity, belief and challenge. We’re told there is such a thing as a daft question and there are etiquettes we have to follow. And I get why all that stuff is important and relevant and applicable. I just don’t believe it should be the case ALL the time and we should all be encouraged to let our inner-child out once in a while for our own benefit and that of those around us, be it at home or in work.

From a learning delivery perspective, often the most effective learning moments come from people being involved (participant or audience) in something actually happening - role play, activity, demo etc. They’re exploring, understanding and playing with their abilities and as a result they start to ‘get it’ in a way that doesn’t come from just talking about stuff. I suppose it’s why we laugh and cry at films - someone’s turned the actor’s instruction manual (the script) into action and that’s what kids do – they move into the world they are learning about and make their own little movies about stuff. It’s kind of like the learn from the inside out - rather than us boring grown-ups who tend to learn from the outside in, or at least that’s what school teaches us…

So, instead of me talking more, here are a couple of movies to get involved with.

Simon Sinek talk about his “Golden Circles” and how our brain works best and how we tend to use it back to front.

Also watch Ken Robinson talk about kids, their creativity and talents and how the system beats it out of us.


Give them a go, see what you think & why not come back with your thoughts. In the meantime, have fun being child-like!

About the author

I’m a Yorkshireman, Sheffield United fan, husband, dad, owner of Archie the Welsh Terrier and Learning Consultant - my key achievements in chronological order. Fell into learning quite by accident (like a lot of people do) 20 years ago, realised I was half-decent at helping other people learn and consequently haven’t been that far away from a classroom since. Interestingly my mum always said when I was a kid I should have been a teacher… What do parents know, eh?