by Emma Lloyd, Training Delivery Manager, GP Strategies & founder of Create the Ripple

A story worth sharing

Create the Ripple is a story of how little things really can make a difference. 

It has always been an ambition to complete a TEDx talk, to have an opportunity to share my thoughts and positivity with another.  It makes me smile to think that one of the early ripples I made through Twitter to a wonderful lady then resulted in an invite to Swansea to take part in their TEDx Women event in October last year.

Using social media

Taking the opportunity to talk about how I have used social media as a platform, using my passion to connect with tens of thousands of people around the world - creating ripples of positivity every day.

It was a wonderful and exciting experience, supported by superb friends and colleagues listening to me before and then in the audience - as well as amazing messages from around the world since the talk has gone live to say that the talk has made a difference to them.

All I ever want to do is to make a difference to another.

You can watch my TEDx talk here: