by Caron Ward, Marketing Executive, GP Strategies

Learning from FE and HE

It’s been a while since I was last in Higher Education, but I still get really excited about what’s going on within the FE and HE world. Which is why I’m hoping that the BETT show in London this year will deliver on its promise of giving us some ‘Awesome Learning’. 

Ignoring the hype around the show, I have no doubt that we will see some learning gems relevant to the corporate world of Learning and Development. In fact, I believe that there is a lot that the education and corporate L&D world can learn and share from one other.

"In 2017 I’m excited about learning. And for sharing that learning, informal or formal. Big or small"

Great to see Imogen Heap, CEO of the Featured Artists Coalition as a Keynote Speaker. I remember her TEDU video demonstrating the use of sensors on her hands to make music with different gestures. (Sculpting music with Mi.Mu gloves). Very inspiring to see.  She also recently produced the music for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play in the West End. 

Good to see Sir Ken Robinson will be a keynote speaker at  BETT too this year. He always has something really interesting to say about education and learning. I particularly loved his TED talk on ‘Are schools killing creativity?’, which I’m sure lots of you have seen already.

Getting kids engaged in learning

With 2 children in school right now, I can relate to a lot of what he says. I can also see the really great stuff that’s happening for them inside and outside of school. Growth mindset approaches are becoming more evident in some areas in school which hopefully will open up some interesting creative opportunities. It’s also great to see that Barclays bank have launched their Digital Eagles clubs around the country, which allows future generations to embark on some really interesting projects and possible career paths.

We’re lucky enough to live near an Arts University too which runs a number of creative arts courses for children, from animation to theatrical make-up. It’s about opening up the opportunities for children to try these things, touch these things, find out what makes them excited, and what makes them want to learn. Hopefully this kind of stuff can become more widely available for everyone to try – not just those that can afford it. But that’s a whole other issue!





Watch Imogen Heap's TED Talk on Sculpting Music


Watch Ken Robinson's TED Talk on Do Schools kill creativity?

Take your pick - there’s lots of great educational sessions lined up for the show – running from 25-28 January , Excel, London.

The BETT'S on!