by Caron Ward - Marketing Executive

So THAT’S Augmented Reality? I get it now!

Thanks to Pokémon Go the concept of Augmented Reality has well and truly appeared in the mainstream, and it’s getting people out and about, socialising, collaborating and competing like never before.

So what does that mean for Learning & Development?

Whether or not you’re a fan there’s something about the Pokémon Go phenomenon that has got people engaged - it uses lots of gamification features like points, levels, rewards and encourages social interaction. 

It certainly brings people together. I’ve hung out more with my teenage son this past week than the last few months. He’s now happy to walk for miles with me (and not get totally embarrassed being seen with me!) – motivated purely by catching something that doesn’t exist!


Bring virtual and real worlds together

Now maybe the Augmented Reality part of the game isn’t the biggest thing but the idea of catching virtual creatures in the real world is proving a winner. Bringing the virtual and real worlds together along with some great game design is something that the learning industry should take note of as a way to really enhance the user experience.


There’s already some great ways that Augmented Reality is being used in some industries - Audi for example has seen a great appetite from its customers for engaging and fun experiences since it launched its first Augmented Reality app in 2011. Check out the full article. 


We’re also using it in our learning - check out GP Strategies Helitech demo to see how we’re currently using Augmented Reality for technical learning manuals.


Incorporating AR in Learning & Development

Some might think catching virtual fantasy creatures on your mobile phone is a little pointless - and maybe it is - but if it shifts the way we look at how people engage and learn through new technologies like Augmented Reality and mobile apps then we should take heed and assess how we can realistically incorporate such innovation into the world of Learning & Development.

Now - go catch ‘em all!