by Caron Ward - Marketing Executive.

So why do we still use so many words?

Or maybe we should take heed from www.philinthecircle.com and use 1000 words to make a picture? If you haven’t heard of Phil Hansen let me introduce him. He is a remarkable artist who I recently discovered when helping my 10 year old choose an artist to research for a school project. We stumbled across Phil on YouTube doing a TED talk called ‘Embrace the Shake’ - what an amazing guy. If you have time check it out.


In essence he’s got a shaky hand from doing too many dot drawings so has discovered loads of other ways to do his art. Like using coke to paint with. And hamburger grease to do the Mona Lisa.

He’s karate chopped paint to create Bruce Lee. And used different colour matches to re-create Jimi Hendrix then set it on fire!



You really need to check this guy out - he is truly inspiring. And he creates the most amazing portraits out of words and stories. Like his self-portrait made out of stories of his own life and Van Gogh made up from several stories told to him at an art festival.

The power of visualisation

And this isn’t the only time my kids have helped me rediscover some really amazing things about the power of visualisation.

We’ve got some of the most intricate Lego temples and models on display across many parts of our house (mainly on the floor of course) but it struck me recently when my son was building a fairly complex Lego Ninjago temple that he could follow the visual instructions so easily it was built in no time.

He used 3 manuals to build it. That’s over 100 pages of instruction. There’s not a single word on any of the pages. Just pictures and a few numbers to keep the order. The only words they use appear on the front cover.

What we learn from kids

This really made me think Why don’t we learn from the kids? And Lego? Why do we have to make manuals or learning materials so text heavy and complicated. We may not be able to use just pictures all the time but surely we’ve got something fundamental to learn here.

The next generation are growing up in a visual world. They are the ones we need to train in our businesses now and in the very near future - so why do we still forge ahead with SO MANY WORDS? In fact why have I used this many words…

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I’m a woman of words, too many words it would seem! I work within the design and marketing team at GP Strategies EMEA writing and looking for interesting, relevant and inspiring topics and insights to share with colleagues, clients and L&D professionals.