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GP Strategies is a leading provider of sustainability Assurance, Consultancy and Training services. We help organisations understand and meet their current environmental and social obligations, and broaden their management focus to a perspective that includes sustainable business practices.

Our solutions increase organisations competitiveness and reduce exposure to regulatory risks by incorporating issues such as climate change and sustainability responses into core business operations and decision making.  We work with a broad range of organisations, from small businesses to multi-nationals, NGO’s and governments.

The GP Strategies team has extensive experience in delivering the full range of sustainability services: Economic, Environmental and Social. We are able to integrate and highlight the management of relevant issues so that business owners and operators can recognise risks and capture new opportunities.



GP Strategy offers independent assurance services that reduce business risk by analysing and confirming the effectiveness of management systems, information and data claims, thus increasing the level of confidence for decision makers.  Our services allow organisations to demonstrate environmental compliance and sustainability performance in the areas of GHG Emissions, Bioenergy, CarbonSupply Chain and Information Governance.


GP Strategy's advisory and consultancy services enable you to respond to environmental compliance obligations and sustainable business opportunities.  We can support your organisation in the development and implementation of your sustainability policies and strategy. This will increase your understanding so that you can respond to and influence business management drivers and systems, and will also reduce cost implications associated with environmental regulations.


Our training programs are designed to assist individuals and organisations to understand, implement and verify achievement of environmental compliance, stakeholder requirements and development of sustainable business practices.  We offer both face-to-face and e-learning training solutions in the areas of GHG Reporting, GHG Verification, Climate Change, Sustainability and Bioenergy . We can also tailor programs to meet your specific needs and requirements and offer these in your own organisation.

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