Strong teamwork is a prime cornerstone of organisational success, but bringing people together to work effectively isn’t easy. It requires the input of skilled and knowledgeable managers and leaders. At GP Strategies, we understand the complexities involved in developing effective teams and offer a range of learning and development solutions designed to help you do exactly this. As outsourced training specialists, we provide global and regional tailored learning programmes that will align with your business objectives and make it easier for you to master this element of management.

What is team development training?

Our team development courses focus on the best ways to bring groups of employees together and nurture their skills. They teach delegates how to address the challenges associated with leading a team and look at the best ways to maximise productivity. More specifically how; 

Orange Tick Bulleta team benefits from operating as a cohesive whole

Orange Tick Bulletto recognise the signs of team development and make sure that the needs of the individuals within groups are considered and met

Orange Tick Bulletto communicate effectively within a team be it local or remote

Orange Tick Bulletmanage change and anticipate issues that may affect groups of employees

Team development training is useful for anyone who needs to gain an understanding of essential leadership skills, it benefits managers and team leaders who are keen to achieve better results for themselves and their businesses.

What are the learning outcomes?

Delegates will be able to recognise the characteristics of effective teams and draw on a range of different approaches to help them build and manage their own teams successfully. As well as benefiting the career progression of your managers and leaders, this training plays an important role in improving your organisation’s performance as a whole. 

How is team development training delivered? 

On-the-job training, instructor led courses, e-learning or a blend of all these methods - which solution is right for you? At GP Strategies, we are committed to using the full breadth of learning technologies and approaches available. Whether you want to opt for traditional face-to-face, instructor-led training or you’re keen to try e-learning platforms, virtual instructor-led courses, mobile learning apps, game-based learning or on-the-job training, we can help. Our experts will work with you to ensure your team development programme suits your personnel and fulfils your strategic objectives. This applies to everything from the style, location and method of delivery to the language used. So, regardless of the environment of your workforce and the specific needs and preferences of your personnel, we can help.

What is GP Strategies approach to learning content design and development?

Our learning experts follow a detailed process to ensure you get the best possible results, beginning with a thorough analysis of your team development training requirements and your organisation’s objectives. We will then design, develop, deliver and evaluate learning solutions that meet these needs.

Depending on your training requirements, we may recommend adapting an existing course or developing a custom programme.

How can GP Strategies help you? 

As an award-winning provider of customised performance improvement programmes, we offer development courses and solutions that improve communication and collaboration within teams, raise productivity, harness the full potential of your employees and successfully manage change. 

On a larger scale, our managed learning services equip leaders and employees with the right skills and knowledge to connect teams and excel. 
To discover more about our development learning programmes, call us today on +44(0)8085 734 734 or contact us.