Regardless of how confident a business might be in regards to the goods or services it offers, it can’t expect to make sales without a strong group of knowledgeable, skilled people driving it forward.

Especially in today’s competitive business world, it's more important than ever that companies are on top of their game when it comes to selling their products, making it essential for employees to be knowledgeable and up to date when it comes to selling to customers.

At GP Strategies, we offer selling skills training that is designed, developed and delivered to enable your sales teams to successfully sell your goods and services to your customers. Our training will greatly benefit your company and employees from the get go and into the future.

What is selling to customers training?

This type of training gives delegates the skills and knowledge needed to successfully sell a product or service to potential customers. These courses introduce employees to the different models and theories available, helping them to identify which approach is best suited.

From; learning about body language, to gaining an understanding of ‘closing the sale’, to developing rapport and empathy, this training explores the qualities and techniques needed when selling to customers. The identification of how customers make purchasing decisions also gives your sales people the opportunity to see the selling process from the customer’s point of view which enhances customer experience.

What are the learning outcomes?

By completing our selling skills training courses, delegates can expect to gain a wealth of knowledge and expertise. They will be able to familiarise themselves with the foundations of making a successful sale, including how to approach customers, the impact of body language, the importance of questioning, listening and acknowledgement and basics sales techniques.

They will be taught how to identify how customers make decisions when buying products and services, and cover topics such as how to develop rapport and how to empathise with consumers. Our training also touches on the importance of customer service when making sales, teaching delegates how to provide their clients with a great experience from start to finish.

How can GP Strategies help you?

At GP Strategies, we are dedicated to finding the right selling skills training for you and your business. We understand how important this type of training is, so we make it our mission to provide high quality, relevant learning and development solutions that are worth your while.

Every course we offer is designed and developed to aid you in reaching your organisation’s goals. From helping you improve your individual sales techniques, to understanding the importance of customer satisfaction during the sales process, to maintaining positive, healthy relationships with clientele, our training solutions are created to improve performance.

Why is it so important?

Even if a business does everything it can to fine-tune its products and services to perfection, it can’t expect to make sales if it’s not willing to invest in the relevant training for its staff. Without competent, confident, knowledgeable employees with the ability to drive and secure sales, a company could find that it struggles to grow, develop and make a profit. So, to get the results they want, it’s crucial that businesses provide high quality learning and development programmes for their workers. Read some of the important reasons why selling to customers training is essential and the risk implications of not investing in this learning development.

How is our selling to customers training delivered?

Our learning and development packages can be fully customised to suit you, we take all of your needs and requirements into consideration every step of the way to ensure that you achieve the results you’re looking for.

We recognise that when it comes to learning, you’ll want solutions that are fit for purpose; your employees and your business in its entirety. At GP Strategies, we never take the “cookie cutter” approach. We assess and review your company’s learning objectives and establish which training solution is right for you. We may devise a bespoke course or tailor an existing solution.

We pride ourselves on the broad range of powerful and engaging learning and development methods we offer. For example, we use fresh, innovative techniques such as mobile learning solutions and business gamification services in addition to more traditional and conventional styles of learning, including face-to-face instructor-led tutorials and on-the-job training.

For more information about our selling skills training packages, call our team directly on 44 (0)8085 734 734 or contact us.