In today’s highly competitive marketplace, a strong sales team is a must-have for businesses. This tool plays a vital role in helping organisations to stay one step ahead of the competition.

At GP Strategies, we offer sales training solutions designed to help your personnel improve their abilities in this key area. Our development programmes are tailored to suit the needs of your workforce and improve your organisation’s performance.

What is sales training?

Sales training is a broad term that encompasses many different courses, from basic programmes that help delegates to get started in sales roles to advanced courses that help specialists hone their skills. They cover areas including:

Orange Tick Bullethow to approach customers

Orange Tick Bulletbreaking the ice

Orange Tick Bulletthe impact of body language

Orange Tick Bullethow to question and listen to customers

Orange Tick Bulletclosing techniques

Orange Tick Bulletobjection handling

Orange Tick Bulletmaintaining relationships with customers

Orange Tick Bulletcross selling

Orange Tick Bulletdeveloping advanced rapport skills

Orange Tick Bulletplanning sales strategies

There are also sales courses that take an in-depth look at how to enhance customer relationships. Aimed at experienced sales personnel who are required to hold meetings with customers, these programmes examine the best ways to build conversations and rapport during these extended interactions.

Training is also available for sales managers and leaders. These programmes look into issues such as core supervision skills and the regulatory requirements surrounding sales. They also provide guidance on how to introduce or improve a sales culture within an organisation.

Anyone who deals with customers in a sales capacity, wants to be successful and progress their career will benefit from these learning and development solutions. This includes; sales staff, bid managers, account managers, internal consultants, technical support workers, directors and a range of other personnel.

What are the learning outcomes?

The skills developed will depend on the organisations and individual’s requirements and the type and level of sales course undertaken.

Outcomes may include:

Orange Tick Bulletgaining a deeper understanding of why customers make purchasing decisions

Orange Tick Bulletthe steps that lead up to sales

Orange Tick Bullethow to work effectively with sales personnel

Orange Tick Bullethow to read buying signals effectively

Orange Tick Bulletclosing deals

Orange Tick Bulletdeveloping strong customer relations

Orange Tick Bulletcommunicating with confidence


Also, those who take advantage of sales management and leadership courses will gain a better understanding of regulatory issues, supporting teams and creating effective sales cultures.

A well-trained sales team, improves morale and sales.

Why is it so important?

A business cannot survive and flourish on good products or services alone. To perform well, they have to persuade customers that what they are offering is truly worth buying. This is where skilled and knowledgeable sales specialists come in. The right sales team can make the difference between the success and failure of an organisation, so this isn’t an issue that managers can afford to ignore.

Read some of the specific reasons why sales training is important.

How can GP Strategies can help you?

As training outsourcing experts, we provide a range of sales courses that can be tailored and translated to your regional requirements. Whether you’re looking for training solution that covers essential sale techniques or you’re seeking a more advanced sales leadership solution we can help. Our award-winning learning and development programmes cover all aspects of sales and are designed to meet your employee and organisation’s requirements.

On-the-job training, instructor led courses, e-learning or a blend of all these methods - which solution is right for you?

We make it our mission to adapt the style, location and language of our sales skills development programmes to match our clients’ preferences and practical needs. This means offering both traditional and advanced technology-based training solutions.

Contact us to discover more about our sales courses and delivery methods. Alternatively, call our experts for further information and advice on +44(0)8085 734 734.