Well planned personal development training can be highly valuable both to individuals and their employers. It plays a major role in helping workers to enhance their knowledge and skills and further their careers, while at an organisational level it ensures businesses are able to perform at their best.

At GP Strategies, we make it our mission to develop talent, maximise the potential of individuals and cultivate human capital so that businesses achieve the results they are looking for. As an award-winning provider of tailored performance improvement programmes, we offer personal development courses that enhance your employees’ knowledge, performance and make an impact.


What is personal development training?

Personal development training is a broad term used to describe a range of courses that are designed to enhance people’s knowledge, skills and confidence in different areas. Some programmes focus on helping delegates to manage their careers by encouraging them to assess their personal objectives, identify their strengths and development needs to target opportunities and plan their next professional moves.

Other courses are designed to improve specific work-related skills. These programmes examine key areas which may including; performing well under pressure, communicating more effectively, delivering compelling presentations, getting more out of meetings and managing time productively.

Because they are so varied, personal development courses offer great benefits to a wide variety of roles, industries and situations. They may focus on skills development to upskill and support promotion opportunities, or career management tailored to an individual who is at a crossroads in their professional path.

What are the learning outcomes?

Each of our personal development courses has their own unique learning outcomes. Our career management courses provide delegates with a clearer understanding of their working style, strengths and development needs. They also help them to become more effective at planning their careers and targeting opportunities.

Other courses aim to develop specific skills, such as planning and delivering persuasive presentations, performing well under pressure, communicating better and managing time at work more effectively.

Each of these programmes increase employee confidence, improve efficiency and equip individuals with the skills they need to progress professionally.

Why is it so important?

Personal development isn’t something that happens by itself. In order to progress in their careers, employees need to be given opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills through the appropriate training. This means personal development courses are viewed as a crucial element of organisational planning. Getting this aspect of management right can have a positive impact on everything from staff turnover to motivation, loyalty and efficiency. In addition, it can be highly advantageous to workers themselves.

Some of the most significant benefits personal development programmes include:

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Raising morale

When people start new jobs, they often pick up a range of skills. However, if they remain in these roles for some time, their progress can stagnate and this leads to boredom and dissatisfaction. The right professional development opportunities address this problem. They enable people to keep learning and progressing, ensuring their work does not become monotonous and therefore improving morale and engagement.

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Enabling employees to fulfill their potential

Employees are a business’s most valuable asset. Their knowledge, skill and dedication helps organisations to survive and flourish. One of the key advantages of personal development training is how it unlocks the full potential of employees. By giving people the opportunity to enhance their abilities in a wide range of areas, it improves their performance and those around them. This has positive consequences for them as individuals, increasing their confidence and improving their career prospects, and it has clear benefits for businesses too.

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Increasing loyalty

Employees like to feel valued, providing professional development opportunities is a simple and effective way to demonstrate to employees that they are appreciated and you’re willing to invest in them. So, by offering training solutions that open up new opportunities and help career progression, businesses stand to increase loyalty among their personnel. In turn, this helps organisations to improve employee retention.

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Making organisations more successful

By improving employees’ knowledge and skills through suitable skills development programmes, organisations make themselves more effective and efficient. Put simply, more capable employees make for more successful organisations.

What are the risks of not investing in this training?

Not investing in personal development courses may save organisations time and money in the short term, but it will be a costly mistake in the medium to long term. There are a host of risks associated with failing to offer these learning programmes to personnel. Perhaps most importantly, an absence of these courses can mean that employees do not progress as quickly or as far as their natural ability allows. Wasting talent like this can have serious and lasting consequences for businesses, making them less effective.

Additionally, if personnel do not see the potential to progress within an organisation, they are more likely to become frustrated by the lack of opportunity and choose to move to another employer that does offer suitable training and development options. Advertising vacant jobs and recruiting new workers can prove costly for businesses and hit their bottom lines, and high levels of staff turnover also tend to have a disruptive impact on organisations. A continually changing employee base can harm team dynamics and prevent workers from functioning well as a whole.

How can GP Strategies can help you?

As a training management specialist, we offer a wide variety of tailored personal development courses, our solutions match the requirements of your employees and your business. Whether you are looking for learning solution that will benefit your employees through career change preparation or you want courses that enhance skills in specific areas, our learning specialists partner with you to find a solution that suits.

We offer our clients the very best of both traditional and cutting-edge personal development training methods. The solution we provide is created to suit your environment, preferences and the learning objectives of your delegates. In addition to our delivery methods, we are able adapt the style and language of our programmes to meet any regional requirements.

Contact us or complete the request a call back to discuss your personal development outsourced training requirements. Alternatively you can reach us on +44(0)8085 734 734.