Information Technology has the power to affect industries in immeasurable ways. From the automotive sector, to manufacturing, and even professional services, employees use computers systematically to store, process, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data.

Proficiency in software suites such as Microsoft Office and Adobe and computer programs like Sage Line 50 is a prerequisite for many job roles. A lot of professionals require higher-level technical skills, including a working knowledge of:

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Orange Tick Bulletmobile applications

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At GP Strategies, we close the gaps within your business’ IT knowledge, helping you to stay fully informed with the newest technological developments through our comprehensive IT courses.

As global performance improvement experts, we offer a range of learning and organisational performance management services. So whether you want off-the-shelf training, or a solution tailored to your needs, we will help.

What is Information Technology training?

Our Information Technology training facilitates business to be more efficient. We provide workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply, develop, implement, support, and manage computer based information systems proficiently.

Whether you’re learning the ropes of a Microsoft package, or decoding how to defend against cyber security attacks, we will evolve your IT skills through our training courses.

And even if your role isn’t related to IT, business professionals alike will benefit from our programmes.

What are the learning outcomes?

What you learn depends on the programme’s learning objectives which is driven by you. Delegates on beginner level courses will gain a solid foundation of knowledge as well as the necessary skills carry out basic tasks. Trainees on intermediate courses, will build on this foundation, taking their skills a step further through a more in depth exploration of the subject matter. Advanced courses are aimed at individuals with an existing intermediate level of knowledge and will equip trainees with the skills necessary to carry out complex tasks with ease.

Why is it so important?

Twenty-first century businesses rely heavily on digital technology in order to function effectively. In today’s fast-moving corporate environment, it’s important that workers are equipped with the know-how and skills necessary to use computers to handle numerical, textual and other data if businesses are to stay relevant and competitive.

With new digital technologies, tools and trends emerging all the time, it’s critical that this training is part of an ongoing professional development programme, rather than a one-off event. Providing your employees with a solid information technology knowledge base will benefit your organisation in a myriad of ways.

Here are just a few of the reasons why information technology training matters to your organisation:


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Leveraging technology helps companies to automate many processes, subsequently making long-winded or onerous tasks much quicker and easier.

By providing your workers with the expertise needed to operate computer systems, software programmes and applications you will free up time for tasks that require a higher level of cognitive thinking and conceptual skills. This, in turn, leads to a significant improvement in productivity.

Making Decision Between A and B

Decision making

Extracting and analysing data in a time effective manner is important when making accurate judgements, quick-paced decisions. Utilising software products and online tools efficiently can ease this decision process. Through our training programmes, employees will be able to analyse and assess data information, and subsequently reach a concrete decision based on strategy and evidence, as oppose to assuming or conjecturing.

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Customer satisfaction

Technology enables businesses to identity and analyse patterns in consumer behaviours. This is vital when developing your business proposition, as well as when communicating with your customers.

Consumer queries should be answered, advised, and solved in real time through a variety of channels, from email, social media, member portals, website contact forms, to multimedia messaging. Without essential IT training, employees have the possibility of being unable to provide this service.

Analytics Data Screen

Effective marketing strategies

When it comes to marketing your business, understanding your target audience’s: needs, wants, goals and challenges is key. Big data is fundamental to customer analytics in today’s climate; it’s revolutionising new product and service innovations. Accessing and decoding this data requires expertise. IT skills are essential for modern marketing techniques, such as digital content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimisation. With online tools and applications constantly evolving, IT training must be implemented in order to harness the power of digital technology.

What are the risks of not investing in this training?

Some organisations make the mistake of thinking that IT skills are something that can be learned informally on the job. However, the belief that they can be picked up automatically instead of through a managed learning process leaves businesses open to a number of risks.

A lack of basic IT skills can only go unnoticed for a limited time. Unskilled workers will rely on the more proficient colleagues to carry out tasks, meaning resources will be wasted. Inadequate training will also lead to inappropriate practices being shared between colleagues.

Having an IT system is futile if it’s not utilised to its full potential, therefore, training employees to become pro-active in IT will be an worthy investment for your business.

How GP Strategies can help you

GP Strategies will place your business and its needs at the heart of our training courses. We will identify, develop, and further your team’s IT knowledge through our off-the-shelf, or bespoke training solutions.

How does GP Strategies offer this training?

Our flexible approach focuses on the subject matter that is beneficial to you and is delivered appropriately for your organisations structure and culture. Whether you choose an off-the-shelf programme or a tailored package, you will receive accurate, up to date and useful course content delivered in a clear, user-friendly way.

For further details on information technology training and how we can help you, call us +44(0)8085 734 734. Alternatively, contact us today.