Financial crime presents a significant and growing danger to many organisations, with; cyber-attacks, fraud, bribery, money laundering, businesses now counter a variety of criminal threats. Effective training courses play a vital role in enabling companies to deal with these problems, by providing workforces with the skills they need to identify and mitigate the risks.

At GP Strategies, we are committed to delivering customised financial crime training programmes that strategically align with your organisational objectives and equip delegates with the expertise required to manage these dangers effectively.

What is financial crime training?

Financial crime training raises employees’ awareness of illegal activities that could affect their organisations. We provide delegates with the skills required to identify and defend themselves and their employers from these risks. They focus on a range of different areas, such as bribery and corruption, fraud, money laundering, cyber-crime, information security and sanctions compliance.

Our learning and development programmes teach delegates:

Orange Tick BulletTo understand what motivates the crimes

Orange Tick BulletWhat the impacts are on their organisations

Orange Tick BulletThe laws relating to these activities

Orange Tick BulletTechniques and technologies used by criminals

Orange Tick BulletHow to counter the threats and adhere to all the relevant legislation

Orange Tick BulletHow to detect and report suspicious acts


Financial crime courses examine both internal and external corruption, they can a solus learning solution or part of broader training programmes which looks at financial risk and credit risk management.

Thanks to their practical focus, these learning and development opportunities benefit anyone who has responsibilities in financial crime prevention, whether this is the central focus of their role or a peripheral element.

What are the learning outcomes?

The exact learning outcomes depends on the programme undertaken and the aspects of financial crime they wish to focus on. Essentially the courses will give your employees the knowledge and skills to prevent crimes including fraud and identify theft, bribery and corruption, money laundering, and cyber-crime. They will increase their awareness in areas such as the role of due diligence, the importance of identity confirmation, how to identify and flag up suspicious behaviour and the reporting requirements that their organisations are subject to.

More broadly, delegates will develop a deeper understanding of the impact of financial crime and how it threatens businesses, and they will appreciate the vital role they can play in helping to combat this illicit behaviour. The knowledge and skills they gain in this area will serve to make them more effective and confident in their roles, and it will mean they are better able to protect your organisation from criminal activity that could harm your reputation and long-term success.

Why is financial crime training so important?

Financial crime is a major problem globally and many financial service providers are struggling to keep up with the increasing sophistication and volume of threats coming from accounting fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption, asset misappropriation and cyber-crime. Effective financial crime training is therefore vital if businesses are to successfully control the dangers they face as a result of these forms of illegal activity. 

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How GP Strategies can help you

By equipping your personnel with the knowledge and skills they need to counter the threats posed by illegal activities ranging from money laundering to bribery, fraud and cybercrime, our training programmes will help to make your employees more effective and your business stronger. Our flexible approach to learning and development means we put our clients front and centre when developing our courses, so you can have total confidence that your training solution will meet your precise needs.

How does GP Strategies offer this training?

We understand that every organisation has its own unique requirements when it comes to financial training services, which is why we offer a variety of learning and development solutions. As well as delivering tailored off-the-shelf courses, we provide completely bespoke training programmes that align with your learning strategy and goals.

On-the-job training, instructor led courses, e-learning or a blend of all these methods - which solution is right for you?

At GP Strategies, we pride ourselves on using the full spectrum of training delivery methods available and offer holistic, blended learning solutions.

Our diverse approach means that whenever and wherever your employees require training, we will have a solution that is right for you. As well as adapting our method of training, we will change the language and style of our learning and development packages to ensure they are as engaging and appealing as possible for your personnel.

To find out more about our financial crime courses, contact our team by phone on +44(0)8085 734 734 or online.