With climate change now widely acknowledged to be an issue of vital significance, organisations in all sectors are having to think more carefully than ever before about how their operations impact on the environment.

In order to ensure that they meet the relevant regulatory requirements, as well as customer expectations, businesses must have the necessary expertise. At GP Strategies, we provide bespoke blended learning solutions that will ensure your workforce has the knowledge and skills they need in this critical area.

What is environmental management training?

Environmental management courses equip delegates with the systems, techniques and tools they require to comply with the relevant legislation and best practice. There are a wide variety of programmes available that focus on specific areas within the field of environment management. For example, courses may cover how to account and report under the terms of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) - these learning programmes are intended for organisations that manufacture, supply or trade in the biofuels sector.

Non-financial data management is another key area of environmental training. Playing a crucial role in environmental performance management, these programmes help organisations to harness information for the purposes of voluntary sustainability reporting, legal emissions trading or operational control. Other courses we offer in this range from, greenhouse emissions verification to sustainability procurement.

Anyone who needs to have detailed knowledge of issues relating to environmental management may find these courses useful, this training spans a broad range of job roles.

What are the learning outcomes?

The knowledge and skills that delegates acquire will depend on the courses they undertake. They may develop in-depth knowledge of the issues surrounding directives such as the RED and FQD, enhance their expertise in greenhouse gas emissions verification, improve their non-financial data management skills or acquire a variety of other useful abilities.

Regardless of the which training programme they complete, you can expect to become more confident and competent in the field of environmental management. These courses upskill employees, helping them to increase their performance in their existing roles and progress in their career.

At an organisational level, these courses will strengthen your businesses’ ability to navigate voluntary and mandatory environmental reporting frameworks and enhance your brand reputation among your workforce and customer base.

Why is it so important?

Environmental management is no longer a peripheral issue for many organisations. A rising number of businesses are now subject to strict rules and fines when it comes to meeting environmental regulations, they need people with the expertise. Appropriate environmental management training can therefore no longer be a luxury. For many companies, these courses are essential. Read more about the importance of environmental management courses.

What are the risks of not investing in this training?

With sustainability regulations becoming more stringent all the time, environmental management is an issue that organisations can no longer afford to ignore. Businesses that fail to take their responsibilities seriously will find themselves facing potential fines. Not forgoing the appropriate training saves organisations time and money in the short term, it also exposes businesses to a variety of risks that can prove to be extremely costly and damaging in the future.

Without the relevant expertise that comes from this training, businesses may find it very difficult to follow voluntary and mandatory environmental reporting frameworks – this may lead to confusion and result in operational inefficiencies, legal problems, reputational damage and potential loss of sales.

In addition, when employees lack the knowledge they need to deal with environmental management issues, they may suffer unnecessary stress and anxiety. Excessive stress levels will trigger increased staff turnover rates and rising recruitment costs.

How GP Strategies can help you

Whether you’re seeking courses to ensure your organisation meets the terms of directives such as the RED and FQD, you want to improve your employees’ expertise in non-financial data management, you need to advance your businesses’ knowledge of greenhouse emissions verification or you have other specific requirements, we can help.

Our global award-winning courses cover all aspects of environmental management. They will deliver bottom-line results for your business and enable your employees to develop the knowledge and skills they need to perform their roles effectively. View Case Study

How does GP Strategies offer this training?

At GP Strategies, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning. We offer a variety of bespoke, tailored off-the-shelf and blended courses that are adapted to meet the precise requirements of our clients. Our subject matter experts will work with you to create training programmes that deliver maximum value to your business and your employees. We may recommend modifying an existing environmental management training package to fit your requirements or create a bespoke course specifically for you.

As well as ensuring the content of the course is right for your business, we will tailor the delivery method to meet your preferences and practical needs. We take advantage of the full spectrum of training techniques, from conventional solutions including instructor-led sessions delivered face-to-face to cutting-edge methods such as game-based learning, e-learning platforms and virtual instructor-led courses.

Our learning specialists will also adapt the cultural style and language of our skills development programmes to ensure they suit regional requirements.

For further details on our environmental management programmes, contact us. Or call us on +44(0)8085 734 734.