Environmental management is no longer an inadmissible issue. Due to environmental legislation and the growing importance of organisational sustainability, businesses now more than ever have to demonstrate their commitment to the environment in order to fulfil expectations of stakeholders and their workforce.

Here are just a few reasons why the development programmes are so important:

Complying with complex laws and reporting frameworks - The maze of mandatory and voluntary environmental reporting frameworks that organisations must adhere to is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. To avoid making potentially serious mistakes on environmental issues, businesses have to understand their responsibilities and know how to meet them – completing the appropriate training is a must. When personnel attend environmental management courses, they acquire the expertise they need to help their organisations fulfil their environmental obligations. In turn, this helps businesses to avoid potentially costly and damaging sanctions.

Protecting organisations’ reputations - People now expect businesses to take the issues of corporate responsibility and organisational sustainability seriously, the approach an organisation takes to address environmental issues has a big impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. If a business flouts the rules when it comes to environmental management, even by accident, their image can suffer. People may view them as irresponsible and decide on this basis to take their custom elsewhere, potentially resulting in a significant fall in sales. If their environmental management transgressions are serious, businesses may struggle to win back customers’ trust and loyalty over the long term. For this reason, making sure that employees have the knowledge and skills to adhere to environmental rules plays a major role in protecting an organisations’ reputations.

Winning contracts - Effective environmental management training is key now to winning contracts. If an organisation provides evidence that they meet high standards in this area when they are tendering for new business, they will increase their chances of being able to sign potentially lucrative agreements.

Improving operational efficiency - Environmental management courses play a significant role in improving operational efficiency. By giving people the tools and techniques they need to meet their responsibilities in this complex area, this training helps to ensure they perform their roles confidently and effectively without being slowed down by confusion and uncertainty. It also makes it easier for organisations to create streamlined environmental management policies and procedures that enable them to adhere to their obligations without adding to their workloads unnecessarily.