The success or failure of an organisation hinges on how effectively its individuals, teams and departments communicate with one another, as well as its clients, suppliers and other third parties. Because it’s considered a ‘soft skill’, in many businesses there’s a misconception that the ability to communicate well either comes naturally or it doesn’t. This may lead people to believe that this skill either cannot or does not need to be developed through training.

As experts in learning and development, at GP Strategies we recognise that every business has its own unique set of communication training needs. We tailor our managed training services in line with your requirements so your personnel can develop the competencies they need in the most constructive ways possible.

What is effective communication training?

Effective communication training gives delegates an understanding of how communication works and develops a range of skills, including:

Orange Tick Bulletactive listening and responding skills

Orange Tick Bulletthe ability to handle difficult situations or people

Orange Tick Bulletconflict resolution


It is also designed to help delegates view situations from other people’s perspectives, understand other people’s priorities and manage their assumptions. The courses play an important role in providing employees with the tools they need to be able to influence others, identify their own strengths and weaknesses, reflect on how they might be perceived by others, interpret other people’s body language and develop their own non-verbal communication skills.

A wide range of professionals can benefit from effective communication training, including client managers, sales personnel and line managers.

What are the learning outcomes?

By the end of our effective communication course, delegates will be able to identify essential communication traits and recognise their own preferences when interacting with others. They will also be able to adapt their style of interaction to suit the people they are dealing with. More generally, they should have greater confidence when communicating with others and be better equipped to perform their roles within your organisation.

Why is it so important?

The importance of professional communication skills within an organisation should not be underestimated. Organisations that invest in training to improve employee interaction with colleagues, customers and other parties see great benefits across the board. Ultimately, this type of professional development makes businesses stronger and more successful.

Here are just some of the reasons why these courses are so important:

Orange Tick BulletEnhanced working relationships

Orange Tick BulletMake it easier to get things done

Orange Tick BulletOrganisation and employees sell themselves and their ideas

Orange Tick BulletGet the most from your employees

Orange Tick BulletAll personnel work towards a common goal

What are the risks of not investing in this training?

Because communication is something all of us do every day and is considered to be a soft skill, it’s easy to overlook the importance of training in this area. However, this flawed thinking has drastic consequences for businesses, potentially causing a whole range of problems; poor communication between workers, lead to unnecessary conflicts and, if disagreements do arise, there is an increased risk that they will escalate. In the most serious cases, this may lead to major disruption within an organisation.

Poor standards of communication can also lead to missed business opportunities, which in turn has a direct impact on organisations’ bottom line. Another risk concerns the reputational damage that occurs when people fail to express themselves appropriately. Personnel are brand ambassadors for their businesses and if they are not careful in terms of how they interact with others, they can do serious harm to their employers’ reputations.

How can GP Strategies can help you?

At GP Strategies, we know that when you’re searching for effective communication courses, you want solutions that will assist your personnel and produce concrete results for your organisation as a whole. As blended learning specialists, we provide you with tailored training solutions that meet of your employee and organisation’s objectives.

Our approach to professional development puts our clients front and centre. Whether you are looking for off-the-shelf solutions that are tailored to your needs or you want bespoke packages that are developed specifically for you, we can help.

If you would like to discover more about our effective communication skills courses, contact our team by phone on 44 (0)8085 734 734 on complete the enquiry form.