Cyber security is an issue that no organisation can afford to ignore. With high-profile cases of IT security breaches hitting the headlines on an ongoing basis across the world, this is an area of risk management that all businesses must take seriously.

To protect themselves from increasingly sophisticated cyber-crime attacks, organisations need highly skilled, knowledgeable personnel who understand these threats and know how to mitigate them.

At GP Strategies, we are passionate about helping our clients to manage these risks by providing tailored, flexible and rigorous cyber security training solutions that integrates and remains embedded from the outset.

What is cyber security training?

Cyber security courses are designed to expand delegates’ knowledge of online threats and to help them manage and minimise the risks to their organisations. They increase awareness of; security terminology, network security challenges and networking standards. They also further delegates’ knowledge of issues such as firewalls, virtual private networks and IT system intrusion detection. The courses also give people the skills to:

Orange Tick Bullet improve password security

Orange Tick Bullet identify different types of malware and authentication mechanisms

Orange Tick Bullet prevent IT system infections

Orange Tick Bullet identify regulatory and legal issues that relate to cyber security

Orange Tick Bullet recover from IT security breaches


Cyber security training benefits people in many different job roles. They are particularly useful for employees who are in a higher risk position because of the nature of their role and responsibilities, as well as those who require an enhanced or specialist level of skills.

What are the learning outcomes?

The learning outcomes will be tailored to suit your organisations specific needs and existing levels of knowledge and expertise. All the training programmes serve to enhance a delegates understanding of cyber security issues and their importance to organisations. They also develop their knowledge and provide them with a range of practical skills to make them more effective at mitigating threats. Depending on the course, delegates may improve their skills in everything from setting robust passwords to applying network security standards and recovering from security breaches.

Why is it so important?

Organisations are increasingly reliant on the internet to complete a wide variety of tasks, and as businesses’ dependence on the web has risen, so too has the importance of effective cyber security training. Companies that pay careful attention to this element of risk management will see a great return on investment. Read the reasons why internet security courses are so important.

What are the risks of not investing in this training?

Unfortunately cyber-crime is big business and its growth, which is being fuelled by the expanding number of online services, is unlikely to slow. This means organisations that neglect this aspect of risk management will experience major problems. Highlighting the significance of this issue, a survey conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research suggested that cyber criminality costs businesses in the UK approximately £34 billion a year. Recent high-profile security breaches have hit organisations ranging from telecoms service providers, to pub chains, to the NHS. Without the right security measures in place, including suitable training, organisations are at major risk of attacks by hackers.

As well as putting businesses in danger of suffering commercial losses and experiencing disruption to their operations, cyber security breaches cause major public relations problems and thus companies are unable to meet their contractual obligations. Recovering from significant breaches may be a long and difficult process. In the worst cases, cyber-attacks have caused organisations to fail.

How GP Strategies can help you

As outsourced learning specialists, we provide a variety of cyber security courses that can help your employees to become more effective at minimising the risks to your organisation caused by internet crime. By giving delegates an understanding of the nature of cyber threats and providing them with practical ways to mitigate these dangers, our courses will help your personnel to become more effective and confident in this area. Our web security learning and development programmes are tailored to ensure they meet the needs not only of your workers, but your organisation and deliver tangible results.

On-the-job training, instructor led courses, e-learning or a blend of all these methods - which solution is right for you?

To ensure delegates get the best results from our training solutions, we tailor our delivery methods to suit our clients. As well as providing traditional face-to-face training services, we offer a variety of advanced solutions that harness the very latest technology.

To discover more about our range of risk management solutions and delivery methods, call us on +44(0)8085 734 734 or complete the enquiry form.