It's not just about implementing the latest security technology to protect your organisation from a cyber-attack, your workforce needs to be upskilled to identify and mitigate the risks.

Companies that conduct cyber-security training are making this part of their organisation’s culture, which is vital - here are some reasons why:

Protecting organisations from attack - There is a plethora of cyber threats facing businesses now. Criminals breach data security systems to access personal information, trade secrets, intellectual property and other valuable data. They also breach organisations’ web defences to commit sabotage, taking over their IT systems and demanding money to unlock them. This causes major and lasting service disruption, effectively bringing businesses’ operations to a halt. As well as potentially resulting in commercial losses and causing interruptions to companies’ day-to-day functionality, attacks like these can expose businesses to negligence claims and regulatory action. One of the clear benefits of cyber training is the fact that by making workers better at mitigating these risks, it plays an important role in protecting organisations from attack.

Maintaining customer trust - When people buy goods or services from businesses, they want to know that these organisations take data protection and cyber security seriously. We expect our personal information and details to be stored securely and are therefore inaccessible to criminals. Customers also expect organisations to provide a consistently high-quality service, which is impossible if businesses are hit by web security breaches. So, as soon as businesses suffer cyber-attacks, their reputations can suffer serious damage. People are less likely to want to deal with companies that have been hit by cyber-crime, and this can have a negative impact on sales levels. Effective internet security courses serve to protect organisations from the reputational damage that are caused by violations of security defences.

Keeping personnel up to speed - Cyber criminals are continually finding new ways to attack organisations. To remain up-to-date with current threats, organisations need to keep adjusting and improving their security measures. Another key benefit of internet security courses is the up to date business security knowledge that ensures your workforce are aware of the latest risks. Even if personnel have had IT security training in the past, they can often benefit from signing up to new development programmes to further their knowledge and skills in this area.

Giving workers greater confidence - If workers haven’t had suitable security training, they may lack the confidence they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently and could avoid doing certain tasks because they are concerned about possible security implications. Ultimately, this will make employees less productive and they may experience unnecessary anxiety and stress. In contrast, if they have benefited from appropriate cyber security development programmes, they will be fully aware of what they can and can’t do.