Whether it’s the public or business clients, all companies should ensure a level of customer service. Be it an individual or an organisation they both play a huge role in the success and development of businesses, and without their interest and support, it’s likely organisations will fail to operate effectively, if at all.

From talking on the phone, to corresponding by email, to having face-to-face conversations, it’s important that companies are on top of their customer service game at all times. Therefore, it’s essential that you, your employees and your organisation are switched on to what it means to provide an outstanding service to the people who buy from you.
At GP Strategies, we offer tailored customer service training solutions that are designed, developed and delivered in a way that provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this area.

What is customer service training?

Customer service training refers to teaching employees the skills and knowledge required to increase customer satisfaction. This form of training involves learning what is good customer service, how to deliver it and why it matters.
The training aims to teach delegates the importance of maintaining strong relationships with customers, how to connect with them on an empathetic level and why it’s crucial to identify and cater to their needs and requirements. It covers how attitudes and actions can affect a customer’s perception of an organisation and ensures this remains positive at all times. Through this training, delegates will also learn how to develop rapport quickly and develop the skills needed to overcome customer-related challenges.

What are the learning outcomes?

By completing our customer service training courses, delegates gain a whole host of skills. They will be given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the basics of customer service and its importance, as well as the details surrounding consumer rights and the law. 
Delegates will grow an understanding of:

Orange Tick Bulletcustomer expectations and see situations from the customer’s point of view

Orange Tick Bulletcustomer types and the impacts of attitudes 

Orange Tick Bulletcreating and maintaining positive, satisfying long-term relationships with clientele


How is our customer service training delivered? 

We use a wide spectrum of engaging and powerful learning and development methods to help you gain maximum benefit from your training; from face-to-face training, to mobile learning, to gamification services. Our specialists are on hand to assist you in choosing the right training approach for you and your business. 
Working alongside you, they will discuss your requirements and expectations to decide which method is best, whether it’s one specific solution or a combination of different training techniques. They will advise if you’re more suited to a customised course or if your needs can be met by tailoring an existing solution.

Why is it so important?

The customer lies at the heart of most organisations, so it’s only right that they are treated well. Without people to buy their products and use their services, businesses may cease to exist altogether, so it’s important that companies do what they can to maintain their customer base, treat customers fairly and give them a reason to keep coming back. Customer service training not only benefits the consumer, it can have a positive impact on a company’s brand, reputation and culture.
Benefits of customer service training: 

Orange Tick BulletEnhancing customer satisfaction 

Orange Tick BulletImproving employee productivity, motivation and self-confidence

Orange Tick BulletReducing staff turnover rates 

Orange Tick BulletPromoting a positive brand image 

Orange Tick BulletIncreasing profits from repeat business 

What are the risks of not investing in this training?

Failing to invest in customer service training can be detrimental to an organisation and lead to a wide range of problems. One of the most significant is the impact it can have on the customers themselves. If a business is unable to provide an acceptable level of service, customers will feel dissatisfied in their experiences and in turn, think negatively about the company. As a result, they will be unlikely to make repeat purchases and they may even feel inclined to voice their opinions by submitting a complaint. Even if a company has a complaint handling procedure in place, negative feedback can prove difficult to deal with, especially if a customer expresses their opinion publicly. 


How can GP Strategies can help you?


Our training solutions are designed to help you reach your organisation’s goals. From teaching you how to manage customer expectations, to giving you the skills to deal with challenging situations, to helping you think on your feet, we provide training that is tailored to meet your needs.


To find out more about our customer service training courses, call us directly on 44 (0)8085 734 734, request a call back by completing the form or contact us.