The importance of being able to behave assertively in a corporate environment should not be underestimated. In essence, this is about knowing how to stand up for your own or other people’s rights calmly and in a positive way.

Unfortunately, assertiveness is often seen as an element of personality that people either have or don’t have and, because of this, many businesses make the mistake of failing to encourage it. In reality, just like any other skill used in the workplace, it is something that people can develop if they are given the right guidance.

At GP Strategies, we understand the vital role that assertiveness plays in business and offer customised training solutions that will not only help your workforce to master this aspect of communication but will also provide strategic benefits to your organisation as a whole.

What is corporate assertiveness training?

This training focuses on teaching people appropriate ways to assert themselves through the direct and honest expression of both positive and negative feelings. These courses cover a range of specific topics, including:

Orange Tick Bulletverbal and non-verbal elements of behaviour

Orange Tick Bulletthe effects that different types of behaviour have on others

Orange Tick Bulletfactors that may prevent people from behaving in an assertive manner

Orange Tick Bulletthe role of self-esteem

Orange Tick Bulletpractical tips on how to be assertive and the situations in which it’s appropriate to say ‘no’


Assertiveness training provides employees with essential communication skills that are useful in a variety of situations and job roles. It helps those who feel they need to assert themselves more in the workplace, as well as those who wish to be less confrontational and aggressive in their work interactions. Find out why corporate assertiveness training is important.

What are the learning outcomes?

The assertiveness training solutions we provide offer a range of learning outcomes; they give delegates a clear understanding of what assertiveness is, what it means in a business context and how it is linked to self-esteem. The courses also enable delegates to assess the impact of different types of verbal and non-verbal behaviours, helping them to overcome any obstacles that may be preventing them from being assertive. On a more general level, delegates will become more effective in their roles, improve their relationships with colleagues and make them happier at work.

What are the risks of not investing in this training?

Although corporate assertiveness training does require investment, the risks associated with not taking advantage of these courses can far exceed any costs. For example, if employees are unable to assert themselves appropriately and their stress levels rise as a result, businesses can be left counting the cost. According to figures provided by the Health and Safety Executive, work-related stress, anxiety and depression resulted in 11.7 million working days being lost in the UK in 2015-16 alone.

Also a lack of assertiveness training increases the likelihood of disputes between colleagues, particularly if people lack the skills they need to control their aggression. Ultimately, this is bad news for morale within a business and, if disagreements escalate, this can create serious problems from an HR perspective.

In turn, these negative consequences make it more difficult for businesses to recruit and retain the best workers and it may have a negative impact on their productivity and organisational effectiveness.

How GP Strategies can help you

We know that when you’re searching for corporate assertiveness training, you want solutions that not only address the specific requirements of your personnel but that also deliver measurable, concrete benefits to your bottom line. At GP Strategies, we are experts in providing tailored, performance-centric development programmes that have a lasting learning impact and add value to our clients.

How does GP Strategies offer this training?

We pride ourselves on providing dynamic, engaging and tailored learning development programmes, our learning professionals have experience and knowledge of working with a range of delivery methods including; face-to-face training, e-learning, virtual instructor-led courses, gamification, mobile apps, on-the-job training and more.

If you would like more detailed information about our corporate assertiveness courses or any other outsourced training services complete the enquiry form.