Conflict is something that every employee deals with at some point. Regardless of size and type, organisations are made up of people from various backgrounds and of differing opinions, so it is only natural for employees to disagree from time to time.

However, in a working environment, there is an element of professionalism that must be maintained at all times, not managing conflict effectively will create a number of problems. This is why it is essential that the people within your business are suitably trained on how to handle conflict and prevent it from impacting your organisation on a daily basis.

At GP Strategies, we offer conflict management courses that are designed and developed to provide the knowledge and skills required to approach and settle disputes within your business.

What is conflict management training?

Conflict management training is the practice of learning how to suitably identify, handle and resolve disputes that occur in the workplace. This type of training can teach you how to settle conflict in a sensible, fair and efficient manner, helping you to minimise the escalation and impact of a problem.

It also teaches the importance of staying calm in confrontational situations, helping you to view situations from other perspectives and aid you in maintaining positive, healthy relationships between colleagues and other parties. It also helps you to identify your own conflict management style and provides you with the skills and knowledge to work through and resolve disputes more effectively.

What are the learning outcomes?

Delegates will gain the ability to easily recognise and identify the causes of conflict in the workplace, as well as obtain knowledge on how to effectively and appropriately resolve disputes in a professional, sensible and fair manner.

They will acquire a clear understanding of the options available to them when it comes to reaching a solution and choosing the right option for their specific circumstances. They will also learn how to maintain a harmonious work environment and retain strong relationships with their colleagues, clients and other parties.

Why is it so important?

Until this kind of situation arises, employees may think they have the knowledge needed to effectively handle conflict in the workplace. However, unless personnel have undertaken the right training, they may struggle to appropriately settle disagreements in a professional manner and instead risk making the situation worse.

On a larger scale, having a clear understanding of conflict management is essential to businesses too. If an organisation is lacking knowledge of how to handle disputes, it could struggle when faced with litigation problems and run the risk of suffering reputational damage.

Why is conflict management training so important?


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The relationships between colleagues is paramount in any business, conflict management training helps keep these bonds strong, healthy and positive. Having the skills to deal with conflict in a professional and respectful manner is vital if colleagues are to resolve disagreements quickly and effectively. This training ensures all parties involved in disputes are able to discuss their differences without aggression and move past the situation, enabling them to strengthen their relationship and work together in harmony.

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Tension and stress

Unresolved conflict can cause tension and stress between the people involved and impact the workplace. Knowing how to effectively resolve disputes prevents strain from building and spreading among employees. It also boosts morale and positivity in the workplace, creating a more engaged workforce.

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Communication is key when it comes to resolving conflict. Without it, trust, value and respect may be lost. Undertaking conflict management training teaches delegates the importance of being able to create a space to interact with others about problems, encouraging them to arrive at an end resolution quickly without the issue escalating further.

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Being able to resolve conflict builds understanding and increase awareness at an individual, team and business level. Through this training, delegates can learn how to see past their own opinions and emotions to make objective decisions and develop the skills needed to understand how others may think and feel.

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Problem solving

Conflict training enables employees to resolve problems quickly and effectively. Instead of allowing an issue to develop into a much more complicated matter, this training helps delegates learn how to reach sensible, fair decisions when a disagreement arises.

What are the risks of not investing in this training?

Unless it’s dealt with appropriately, conflict in the workplace can have drastic consequences for a business, so investing in this type of training is essential. Overlooking training in this area can increase the risk of employees becoming disgruntled, potentially making them unproductive and unhappy in their roles. Conflict can also create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the workplace - something which personnel might feel impacts their happiness, morale and wellbeing. As a result, they may be more likely to leave the organisation, meaning the business will have to deal with a higher staff turnover.

How GP Strategies can help you

At GP Strategies, we recognise that every business has different goals and objectives, and we appreciate that a “one size fits all” approach is always ideal. Our training products are created to help you both now and into the future. They help you; identify and improve your response to conflict, give you the skills to manage difficult conversations and make you aware of the impact of your behaviour.

Our training solutions are developed in order for you to successfully meet your learning objectives. We understand that you may have targets in place for your individual employees and your business as a whole. That’s why we tailor our packages on a client-by-client basis. Our courses undergo thorough planning and evaluation to ensure that you will receive the results you’re looking for. We’re meticulous in everything we do and we strongly believe that you should have access to training solutions that will provide you and your organisation with maximum benefit and value.

How is our conflict management training delivered?

We make it our aim to ensure our solutions are as powerful and engaging as possible. We use a wide spectrum of learning and development techniques to help you get the most from your training, offering courses involving face-to-face training, gamification, on-the-job training, e-learning, mobile app training and virtual instructor-led training.

Our learning specialists are on hand to help you choose the right learning solutions for you and your business. They will work alongside you, discussing your needs, requirements and expectations, whether it’s one specific solution or a combination of different methods.

To discover how we can help you, get in touch today. Contact us or call our learning experts direct on 44 (0)8085 734 734.