All organisations look to keep complaints to a minimum, and where possible look to avoid them altogether. However, there is always a risk that people will express dissatisfaction with goods or services, or with the way a business has treated them. It is therefore vital that employees who may need to deal with customer grievances have the knowledge and skills required to handle these situations effectively.

At GP Strategies, we understand how important this issue is to organisations and provide tailored complaint handling training solutions that ensure your workforce is equipped to deal with these potentially difficult scenarios.

What is complaint handling training?

Complaint handling training is designed to ensure that employees have the skills they need to deal with customer grievances appropriately, fairly and in line with company policies and cultures. These development programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of teams and individuals who deal with complaints in any environment, including regulated industries e.g. financial services industry.
Complaint handling courses focus on a number of important areas. They examine the ways in which delegates prefer to communicate, how to identify the preferences of customers and how to adapt communication styles to suit customers. They also look at the reasons why people make complaints, how to gather facts relating to grievances, the best ways to manage the emotions of a complainant and how to control reactions to aggressive behaviour. In addition, the courses provide guidance on how to offer effective alternatives to customers and how to gain agreement and support for a resolution.
This form of training is intended for anyone whose role may involve dealing with customer complaints, whether this is face-to-face, over the phone or in writing. Both frontline and back office workers benefit from improving their skills in this area - courses can also be tailored to meet the needs of supervisors. These development programmes include key coaching principles and further exploration of organisation-specific audit procedures.

What are the learning outcomes?

The precise learning outcomes are driven by the needs of your organisation and employees, on completion of these complaint handling programmes, you can expect delegates to;


Orange Tick Bulletbe better able at resolving grievances in a consistent and efficient manner that is aligned with your company’s policies, procedures and standards 

Orange Tick Bulletadapt their style of communication to suit your customers

Orange Tick Bulletprovide first class service and ensure they treat complainants fairly 

Orange Tick Bulleteffectively manage the emotions of those expressing grievances and respond appropriately to complainants behaving aggressively

If delegates must deal with complaints in a regulated environment, they will also have an understanding of the relevant underlying principles associated with this. At an organisational level, these courses will help you to deal with grievances more effectively, reaching solutions that improve customer retention and loyalty and help to protect your reputation.

How is complaint handling training delivered? 

Our commitment to providing tailored learning and development services also extends to our training delivery methods, styles and locations. We offer a variety of traditional training solutions including face-to-face sessions led by an instructor. In addition, as series of advanced, technology-driven services, such as virtual reality training solutions, e-learning packages, game-based training and on-the-job learning. Our experts will guide you through your options and help you to discover which training method is best suited to helping you improve your employees’ complaint handling skills.

How does GP Strategies offer this training?

We appreciate that no two organisations’ needs are the same when it comes to complaint handling courses. Every business has its own unique requirements and priorities. That’s why we offer a variety of bespoke, blended and tailored off-the-shelf courses. Our learning specialists will conduct an assessment of your complaint handling training needs and then design and deliver a solution that meets your companies learning objectives. We might suggest adapting an existing training solution to match your requirements or we may recommend a completely bespoke package.   

Why is it so important and what are the risks for not investing in this training?

Organisations must be able to handle complaints successfully if they are to encourage customers to continue making purchases and maintain a positive image. The appropriate training plays a crucial role in this. It helps workforces to create and follow effective complaints handling procedures, in turn enhancing customer care and satisfaction. Read more about the benefits of complaint handling training and the risks of not investing in this training.

How can GP Strategies help you?  

As a managed learning solutions provider, we offer scalable complaint handling courses that help frontline and back office employees to enhance their grievance handling skills. We educate organisations, teams and individuals at regional and global levels to resolve complaints efficiently, consistently and in line with company standards and regulations. 
To discover more about these blended learning services, get in touch with our experts today by calling +44(0)8085 734 734 or contact us online.