Financial performance may remain the major determinant of businesses’ value and success, but organisations are coming under increasing pressure to meet expectations in a range of others areas too - and one of the most important of these is sustainability.

A rising number of consumers and influencers are demanding that as well as focussing on profits, businesses behave with integrity and make a concerted effort to generate environmental and social benefits through their actions.

At GP Strategies, we offer blended learning services that help your organisation to do exactly this. Our comprehensive, tailored courses will help you to find forward-thinking approaches to sustainability issues that create value and support your core business objectives.

What is business sustainability training?

These training packages address a wide variety of sustainability and environmental issues, looking at everything from environmental risk identification, how to improve sustainability performance to initiating and leading change. Specific courses focus on topics such as;

Orange Tick Bullet How to create sustainability reports

Orange Tick Bullet Sustainability criteria’s and their effect on investment decisions

Orange Tick Bullet Awareness of directives such as the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD)


The courses benefit people in a broad range of job roles, including advisers, consultants and managers who wish to enhance their strategic knowledge and skills in business sustainability. They are useful to executives who are responsible for directing or communicating their organisations’ activities relating to sustainability.

What are the learning outcomes?

The exact learning outcomes of our business sustainability courses will depend on the courses you select. However, regardless of the programme undertaken, delegates will gain a deeper understanding of sustainability, what this means in relation to their business and the steps they can take to make their organisations more effective and efficient in this area of management.

The courses improve the delegate’s understanding of important environmental and social issues, help them to redefine challenges as opportunities and put them in a stronger position to lead change within their organisations. The programmes also enhance knowledge and skills in a variety of specific areas, including sustainability reports and environmental directives.

The courses help businesses to:

Orange Tick Bullet meet environmental and social responsibilities and expectations

Orange Tick Bullet become more adaptable and flexible to change

Orange Tick Bullet become more forward thinking

Orange Tick Bullet improve performance and reputation


How is our business sustainability training delivered?

Whether you have simple or complex training needs, we will be able to provide the perfect solution for you. Our services span the entire training life cycle. They begin with a learning needs analysis, which ensures your organisation’s training activity and budget prioritises the right strategic areas. From this analysis, our learning and development specialists will design, develop and implement the learning programmes to improve your organisations’ performance and capabilities in business sustainability. We will also support you through the process of measuring, evaluating and refining your training initiatives.

Our blended learning delivery methods are continually evolving and enable us to harness a variety of traditional and cutting-edge training tools to present information in the most convenient, engaging and effective ways. We use the full range of delivery techniques, from traditional face-to-face training sessions presented by an instructor to on-the-job training, e-learning platforms, augmented reality training solutions, game-based learning and virtual instructor-led programmes.


Why is it so important?

Businesses are increasingly switching on to the vital role that sustainability training can play in helping them to become stronger. According to a United Nations Global Compact Survey, nearly nine-tenths (86 per cent) of chief executive officers believe companies should enhance the training of managers to help them integrate sustainability into the operations and strategy of their organisations, while 93 per cent see sustainability as important to their organisations’ future success.

Here are some of the reasons why companies take advantage of business sustainability training:


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Improving business’ appeal

Taking sustainability seriously is a major boon to brands, giving them added appeal among the public and other businesses. Customers and investors are placing increasing significance on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, rewarding organisations that take steps to make themselves more environmentally friendly. By taking advantage of this training, businesses stand to increase their sales levels and shareholder value.

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Making it easier to win contracts

As well as helping companies to win over individual customers, sustainability courses make it easier to secure new contracts in the usiness-to-business (B2B) sector. It is becoming increasingly common for procurement tenders to include details of environmental and corporate social responsibility measures, organisations that have the expertise to do this effectively find themselves at a major competitive advantage.

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Enhancing efficiency and cutting costs

This training can bring an organisations’ spending down with improved operational efficiencies and savings on raw materials and reduce waste. In turn, this makes a company leaner and more competitive, which is of course good news for their bottom lines.

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Increasing employee engagement

Strong policies in business sustainability increase employee engagement. Many people are keen to work for organisations that take their environmental and social responsibilities seriously. Sustainability training can therefore help companies to attract and retain the best talent and enhance morale. Happy, motivated and engaged employees tend are more productive and are great brand advocates.

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Facilitating innovation

Organisations that are continually looking for ways to be more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable are highly innovative, as they discover new and better ways of working, giving them an advantage over their rivals. With suitable training in this area, employees are better at finding new and improved solutions that can help their businesses to achieve long-term success.

What are the risks of not investing in this training?

Business sustainability training is considered an essential part of organisations’ learning and development, organisations neglecting these courses will encounter difficulties. With the increasingly complex maze of voluntary and mandatory environmental reporting, business without the skills to navigate these frameworks will be in a vulnerable state, with costly legal and reputational problems.

Without strong sustainability training systems in place, organisations are also more likely to struggle to recruit and retain the most capable talent. This can lead to increased worker turnover, which is both expensive and disruptive. In addition, businesses can struggle to operate efficiently if their employees lack the expertise provided by sustainability training, making it harder for them to keep their costs in check.

How GP Strategies can help you

At GP Strategies, we provide a range of courses that will help your employees to develop their business sustainability knowledge and skills. Whether you want training packages that focus on how to produce sustainability reports, identify environmental risks, account and report for directives such as the RED and FQD or look at any other area of organisational sustainability, our subject matter experts will provide you with a solution that matches your requirements.

We pride ourselves on delivering tailored courses that provide maximum benefits to individual delegates and deliver concrete results at a business-wide level.

If you would like to find out more about these learning and development opportunities, contact us by phone on +44(0)8085 734 734 or online.