Big data has the power to transform organisations. It produces better and speedier business decisions, facilitates innovation, enhances marketing techniques and brings a range of other important benefits. However, to harness the full potential of this tool, organisations must have the relevant expertise.

At GP Strategies, we offer adaptable training solutions that will educate your workforce to leverage big data in a way that makes your business more agile and competitive. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of your employees and improve the knowledge and operations in the workplace.

What is big data training?

Big data training improves the delegates’ ability to manage and analyse large volumes of information quickly and accurately. It teaches them how to evaluate data sets to uncover patterns, market trends and customer behaviour and preferences. The data comes from both digital and traditional sources and can be structured or unstructured. Delegates therefore learn about the different platforms and tools that are used to analyse big data and how to integrate this information with tradition data and business intelligence systems.

In addition, these learning and development programmes can teach people how to set up and manage big data projects and how to utilise this resource to deliver optimal business value.

Big data courses are useful for people in a variety of job roles. They benefit anyone who has to manage and interpret large volumes of information, including business intelligence analysts, software developers, software architects and database administrators.

What are the learning outcomes?

After completing these courses, delegates will have a clear and more in-depth understanding of how to exploit the potential of big data to bring maximum benefits to your organisation. They will develop their knowledge and skills in a range of specific areas determined by the priorities identified in your training needs analysis. This includes: enhancing their skills in relevant big data analytical tools and techniques and learning how to integrate this information with other data and business intelligence systems. They may also enhance their skills in setting up and overseeing big data projects.

These courses will ensure you are in the best possible position to gather, process and interpret big data to make your organisation stronger and more successful. Read some of the benefits of investing in this training.

How can GP Strategies help you?

As outsourced training solutions specialists, we provide learning programmes that will educate your employees in data analysis which will provide your organisation with a range of important insights. With our experience in offering big data training solutions to clients across a variety of industries we are ideally placed to improve your workforce’s knowledge and abilities in the area of information management.

How do we deliver business big data training?

We pride ourselves on offering flexible learning solutions (bespoke, blended and tailored off-the-shelf courses) that meet your employee and organisation’s requirements.

Our learning consultants conduct a detailed analysis of your training needs and will then design, deliver and implement a course that is right for you. They may recommend a custom course developed specifically for your business or they might suggest adapting an existing big data training solution to meet your needs.

On-the-job training, instructor led courses, e-learning or a blend of all these methods - which solution is right for you?


Our specialists will work with you to discover the most appropriate method of training, factoring everything from the location, language, delivery medium to the culture and tone of voice.

For further information on our big data learning solutions and to find out more about the benefits, call us today on +44(0)8085 734 734 or fill out the contact us form.