The training solutions we provide draw on our creative, collaborative, innovative, and strategic strengths. Our off-the-shelf courses, blended and bespoke solutions combine the supportive and social aspects of face-to-face delivery with the convenience, excitement, and possibilities of technology-driven learning.


Working together, our services extend the ways in which we can support you - from curriculum analysis and delivery, programme development, to globalisation of learning content, sustainability solutions, and staff augmentation.

We understand you are not interested in “training for training’s sake.” You need hard-hitting, impactful development and delivery solutions that address your needs and requirements and add value to your business. Our training solutions are based on organisational and individual needs and create a lasting learning impact. We use a performance centric approach a blend of traditional and AGILE to create the right solutions for you. View our performance centric approach to content, design and development.


Off-the-shelf training solutions

In additional to our bespoke solutions, we offer a portfolio of off-the-shelf training solutions and courses include learning resources, books, quick tip reminded guides, instructor-led training, videos and digital/software solutions across many functional areas and sectors to help your professional and your organisational needs today.

Course directory includes:

Orange Tick BulletPersonal and Team Development

Orange Tick BulletInformation Security

Orange Tick BulletManagement and Leadership

Orange Tick BulletResilience, Risk, Regulatory and Compliance

Orange Tick BulletSales and Customer Experience

Orange Tick BulletFinancial Services

Orange Tick BulletCoaching and Mentoring

Orange Tick BulletHealth, Safety, Environment and Vehicle Management

Orange Tick BulletInformation Technology and Digital Solutions

Climate Change and Sustainability


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