The right tools, learning experts (methods and tech) for the job...

The continually changing market place and evolving learning methods and trends means our subject matter experts and our tech-savvy teams are staying ahead of what’s coming so we develop the right learning solution or tool that meets your business needs and budget.

We understand that cutting edge (tech), alone, is not always the right answer. Sometimes, the right learning delivery method(s) is an instructor-led course, coaching programme, pocket-sized reference guide or a blend of these mediums. We’ll work with you to understand your learners and deliver the solutions that work best for them.

Our team of learning experts have blended learning experience, while others specialise in e-learning, mobile learning (m-learning), informal learning, instructor-led training (ILT), or a combination thereof. Our consultants conduct needs analyses to identify the appropriate learning solutions that will improve your business outcomes. Read more about our performance centric approach to content design and development.




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GP Strategies earns award from Training Industry, Inc. (sixth consecutive year)