Our global team of experienced instructional designers, project managers, curriculum developers and subject-matter experts design and deliver complex and effective learning architectures; enabling you to meet your organisation’s goals with a holistic learning initiative.

We equip and enable people and businesses to PERFORM at their highest potential to SOLVE business challenges and attain ultimate performance RESULTS.

Our blended learning approach

Our collaborative and personalised approach results in an instructionally-sound solution that draws on both your own business’s expertise and knowledge as well as our portfolio of award-winning content.

The continually changing market-place and evolving learning trends means our subject matter experts and our tech-savvy teams are staying ahead of what’s coming, so we develop the right solution or tool that meets your business needs and budget.

GP Srategies' Dani Greening discusses some of the misconceptions surrounding blended learning in her article, Blended Learning: Fact or Fiction?


Blended learning delivery solutions

Sometimes one approach alone isn’t enough to achieve the desired learning outcome. Blended learning combines the best mix of learning delivery approaches, e.g. instructor-led training (ILT), e-learning, coaching programmes and remote learning in order to get the performance results and behaviour changes you need.

Whether you need curriculum design, a change management solution, cultural development and evaluation plan, a credit and risk programme or a creative gamification solution, we’ll work with you to create the most appropriate blended learning solutions to improve your business outcomes.


From planning and development to implementation and evaluation, you can count on us for a proven approach that is tightly focused on bringing you the highest-value learning solutions possible through modes and strategies that include:


We’re always evolving to meet the market needs as well as our client’s, at the same time providing fresh, relevant, and on-point solutions that meet your business goals and budget.

Our offerings include:

Orange Tick BulletGlobal and regional scalability

Orange Tick BulletGlobal and regional compliance

Orange Tick BulletGlobal and regional standardisation e.g. language (translation services), technology and skills

Orange Tick BulletGlobal and regional management information (MI)

Orange Tick BulletGlobal and regional roll out and marketing

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2016 - Best Advance in Custom Content (PNIC Bank).
GP Strategies earns Bronze Award.

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