Leading with Active Hope Event: Leading with Purpose in a Volatile World

Tuesday 23rd September 2014

10:30am - 16:00pm BST at Barrow Castle, Bath

Facilitators: Fiona Ellis and Clare Moody

We are facing as leaders the challenge of leading in an age of disruption: financial models being mistrusted, climate chaos, resource scarcity and disconnection in an increasingly busy global world. At the same time, new ways of leading and organising are being developed, which will help us lead into an emerging future.

In a beautiful natural setting, we offer a day to experience and explore these questions:

•    How can we be more connected and present as leaders?
•    How can we lead from our own purpose and intrinsic values?
•    How can we explore the dilemmas and choices we make as leaders every day?

Join us and explore, using an 'Active Hope' process, how we connect to each other and our own purpose.

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MPGŪ - Managing Personal Growth

Thursday 2nd October 2014

2 Day Workshop - Cowley, UK

MPG helps organisations and individuals achieve their vision of success. MPG gives people the guidance and practical tools for taking action that can help reshape their job and transform their performance. It provides a systematic approach to ongoing feedback, analysis, planning and action that enables employees to understand engagement, increase satisfaction in their role and align efforts with your organisation's strategy.

Outcomes from the workshop include:

  • Increased strategy alignment
  • Employee ownership of success and satisfaction
  • Stronger employee/manager partnerships
  • Improved satisfaction, performance and engagement
  • Continuing dialogue and a common language for discussing career, performance and mutual success
  • More strategic employee development to benefit the organisation as well as employees

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Webinar: Measure What Matters - 5 Ways to Deliver Outstanding Engagement

Wednesday 8th October 2014

13:00pm-14:00pm BST

The business case for engagement is well known - Engaged employees are more productive, constructive, innovative and driven. We also know that disengaged employees are at risk of derailing your success. So how do you take action to ensure maximum engagement across your business?

Join Erica Sosna, Senior European Consultant for BlessingWhite, to discover the key tools to leverage engagement. We will also share the secrets of our engagement survey success - showing you how organisations have truly moved the needle engagement.

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Breakfast Master Class: Talent Leadership Development

Tuesday 14th October 2014

MWB, Liverpool Street, London

Developing Leadership Talent: What really works?

You are invited to a roundtable discussion on the challenges and different approaches to developing talented leaders.

We will be conducting a survey prior to the event which we can share results of on the day and also be sharing our own experience of developing Talent leaders in corporate organisations internationally.

Do you recognise these challenges/questions?

Most organisations have a robust talent management process, which identifies talent and manages the talent pipeline, and as a result make choices on how to develop their talent. We want to highlight some of the choice points and best practice around designing and delivering talent development processes, including such things as:

  • Leadership development in service of what? – How can this be more than a programme? Can it be a cultural intervention?
  • Leaders learn from experience, what blended combination of 70:20:10 really works?
  • How can we best develop self-awareness and encourage authentic expression of who I am as a leader?
  • How do you successfully sustain peer learning over time?
  • Who is selected and how? Mixing levels of leaders – how can the executives and upcoming talent learn together?
  • Over what time frame do talent leadership programmes have most effect?
  • How can project based learning add real value? What other approaches work well?

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EMCC Accredited Coaching Supervision Programme

Wednesday 15th October 2014

An Interview with Professor Gareth Jones

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

8:30am - 11:30am at Robert Walters, 11 Slingsby Place, St Martins Courtyard, London WC2E 9AB

Join BlessingWhite and take part in an interview with Professor Gareth Jones, author of Why Should Any One Be Led by You? Gareth will share with us how his background in sociology has informed his work, how insights on the way society functions can help us to be better leaders and explore what kinds of leaders and followers you might find in ‘the organisation of your dreams’.

We all recognise that the world of work is changing. We manage virtual, global teams, we do more with less and we have picked up speed. Not only that, but aspirations about work have changed. We are encouraged to find balance, to thrive, to find work that has meaning and purpose. As leaders how do we make the most of this changing environment? What action can we consciously take to help our teams follow us toward successful business outcomes?

Erica Sosna, senior leadership consultant from BlessingWhite will be talking to Gareth and together they will explore the ways Why Should Any One Be Led by You? has empowered leaders to be of their best.

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Transformational Coaching Workshop

Wednesday 26th November 2014


Course Leaders: Professor Peter Hawkins and Nick Smith

Transformational Coaching enables coachees to create fundamental shifts in the way they work, through transforming their way of thinking, feeling and behaving in relation to others. It is our contention that this is achieved through focusing on the shift that needs to happen live in the room, so that a sustained change takes place, beyond the coaching session.

This two-day workshop offers a chance for participants to work on developing these skills and exploring how this way of coaching might be useful in their current coaching practice. The workshop provides an invaluable opportunity for experienced coaches to increase the impact of their coaching.

26-27 November 2014, Bath
22-24 April 2015, Bath

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Virtual Web Class: It's Your Career

Thursday 27th November 2014

13:00pm-15:00pm GMT

Join us for this 2 hour fast-moving and interactive career session that helps ground you in your current career, and provide you with a framework and tools for making decisions about your future plans. Participants will spend time on; building self-understanding, understanding your options and deciding on a course of action.

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